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Jan 23, 2017 by

How To Become A Financial Controller

Financial Controller

If there’s one career field that will always be attractive to MBAs, it’s a career in finance, which why almost every top MBA program offers a finance concentration. In 2015, Harvard and Stanford each sent 31 percent of their MBA graduates into finance. And one of the most popular jobs in the field for an MBA graduate is a Financial Controller.

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Jan 23, 2017 by

Try These Open House Events for Seattle MBA Candidates

Seattle MBA

Trying to figure out where to get your MBA in Seattle? Well, there’s good news. This week, both UW’s Foster School of Business and Seattle Pacific University’s School of Business, Government, and Economics are hosting events for interested Seattle MBA students. It’s your perfect opportunity to meet current students, gain insight from alumni and ask questions of the admissions team. Continue reading…

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Jan 19, 2017 by

Henley Marketing Lecturer Talks Blue Monday

Blue Monday

Did you feel particularly depressed this past Monday, January 16th? According to Dr. Cliff Arnall, a former psychology academic, it was supposed to be the gloomiest day of the year: Blue Monday.

The idea of Blue Monday is considered pseudoscience since the formula uses such arbitrary factors as weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, failing New Year’s resolutions and low motivation levels to make its date prediction. Still, many people believe in it since it was first published in 2005, but Dr. Rodrigo Perez-Vega, a Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Reading’s Henley Business School, wonders if it’s nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Continue reading…

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Jan 18, 2017 by

Venture Capital Learning for Georgetown McDonough MBAs

Venture Capital

Breaking into a career in venture capital, even with an MBA, isn’t necessarily easy. It’s something that many MBAs are interested in achieving, but that few MBAs have the help to make possible. And that’s why the MBA Venture Fellows Program at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business is so interesting.

The program is a collaboration between the MBA program and the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative, and it provides full-time students interested in a career in venture capital with a year-long position at a local VC firm. It replaces the summer internship component for a typical MBA to focus solely on experience within venture capital.

The program begins early in the spring semester when students start applying for positions and interviewing with VC firms. If selected, the MBA works ten hours a week throughout the semester, and then the apprenticeship becomes a full-time internship over the summer before returning to shorter hours again in the fall. It officially concludes in December, after which time many students have asked to stay on until graduation.

To learn more about the program and what else McDonough offers its MBAs interested in venture capital, we spoke with Jeff Reid, the Founding Director of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative. Continue reading…

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Jan 16, 2017 by

Seattle and San Francisco Mayors Talk Homelessness at Seattle University


On January 11, 2017, Seattle University welcomed San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray to discuss the issue of homelessness on the west coast. Both Seattle and San Francisco have been beset by a severe homeless crisis and the mayors hoped that, by coming together, they could share their plans to help keep people off the streets. Continue reading…

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Jan 16, 2017 by

USD Appoints New Director of its Supply Chain Management Institute

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain Management Institute (SCMI) in the University of San Diego School of Business has appointed Mary Long as Managing Director. Long succeeds Joel Sutherland—appointed leader of the SCMI in 2011—and is the former Vice President of Logistics and Network Planning at Domino’s Pizza. Continue reading…

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