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Aug 18, 2017 by

Deciding Which Seattle Marketing MBA Is Right for You

seattle mba programs

Seattle is, easily, one of America’s fastest growing cities. Just in one year, from 2015 to 2016, the city’s population increased by 21,000 people, according to The Seattle Times. That’s 57 people a day, on average.

It’s no surprise people are flocking to Seattle. Amazon, Nordstrom, and Starbucks have headquarters there—and Amazon has been busy hiring like crazy. Companies like Microsoft and Boeing are only contributing to this growth too. But beyond the economic and population growth, Seattle is beautiful. Famous for its lush mountains, Seattle provides a view of Mount Rainier from just about any point in the city.

Its progressive policies—like providing a $15 minimum wage and legalizing the use and sale of cannabis—also make the city appealing for young people who are curious about where to start their family or career.

It’s the perfect place to build a life—after that MBA you’ve been thinking about. Three programs, in particular, offer competitive marketing MBA programs. Perhaps they’ll land candidates a job in the tech industry where Seattle employees are the “second-best paid techies,” in the U.S, according to The Seattle Times.

Seattle MBA Programs with a Focus in Marketing

Albers School of Business and Economics — Seattle University

The Albers School of Business and Economics dates back to 1976 when the school was renamed to honor the contribution of Eva and George Albers. Since then, it’s garnered a number of accolades. Most recently, The Princeton Review included the school in its 2017 “Best Business Schools” publication. Albers offers different MBA programs, including an Early Career MBA, a Professional MBA, and a Leadership Executive MBA.

The Professional MBA program can be customized to meet a student’s needs. Two thirds of the required 54 credits consist of electives, so candidates can choose the classes they need to meet their career goals. Candidates can make marketing their discipline. The school offers 12 marketing electives. This program allows students to take two of the school’s 10 graduate certificates as part of their electives. Marketing is on that list.

The business school also gives specialized master degrees for accounting, business analytics, and finance. Its Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) can give marketing candidates a competitive edge in learning data skills.

Foster School of Business — University of Washington

The Foster School of Business at the University of Washington has been around for 100 years. Yep, since 1917. In 2007, it took up the Foster name in honor of Michael G. Foster, who donated $36.5 million through his foundation.

This money went toward building the campus’ state-of-the-art facilities, a major perk for a public university. And this devotion the school has for its students has proven successful: Nearly 3,000 alumni have founded companies. U.S. News World & Report ranked its full-time MBA program number one overall in the Northwest and number nine overall among public universities.

The curriculum ensures candidates understand every facet to business: accounting, finance, strategy, and, of course, marketing. But the second year of the full-time program allows students to hone in on their chosen skill. For marketing MBAs, the program offers 12 electives, including one exclusively on data.

Seattle Pacific University School of Business, Government and Economics

The Seattle Pacific University School of Business, Government and Economics started teaching business in 1977. Its Christian background influences the way the school teaches business. Ethics and service are major themes.

The MBA program features seven emphases: cybersecurity, data analytics, finance, human resources management, information systems management, management, and social and sustainable enterprise. Marketing is a required skill in the curriculum. Marketing is included in the pre-MBA courses required to obtain the degree. For advanced courses, marketing analysis is required. The data analytics emphasis is a good place for those interested in marketing to look into. Data is key in marketing. Numbers tell a bigger story than one might imagine.

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Aug 17, 2017 by

London Business School Professors Earn Thinkers50 Nominations

London Business School Thinkers50

Two professors with the London Business School have gained some global recognition.

Professors Andrew Scott and Lynda Gratton have been shortlisted for a 2017 Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Award. Thinkers50 is responsible for “the world’s most prestigious ranking of management officials,” according to its website. More than 4,000 people were nominated.

Scott and Gratton are in the “Breakthrough Idea Award” category, which recognizes work that can radically alter the way people do business. The professors were nominated for their 2016 book, The 100-Year Life: Living and Working in an Age of Longevity, which breaks down how individuals should take advantage of humanity’s increased lifespan. “The 100-Year Life” draws on Scott and Gratton’s expertise in psychology—and economics. Finances, time, and relationships are among the book’s topics.

“Our research explores the reality of a multi-stage life with a variety of careers to include breaks and transitions, demonstrating how to make a gift from a long life,” Scott said in a press release.

Scott focuses on macroeconomics and has taught at Harvard and Oxford University. Gratton, on the other hand, specializes in organizational behavior, which she’s covered for more than 20 years. She was also named the best teacher at the school in 2015.

“Being shortlisted for this award is very exciting,” Gratton said. “A 100-year life means taking responsibility for the shape of one’s own life, rather than leaving it to the institutions of work and state that have governed many people’s situations for several generations.”

Check out the rest of the Thinkers50 shortlist, which also includes Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative and author of the 2016 book The Purpose Economy, former Apple executive and fellow author Nilofer Merchant, among others.

Winners for the Thinkers50 award will be announced at its gala November 13 in London.

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Aug 16, 2017 by

6 New Executive Education Programs Coming to Ivey Business School

New Ivey Executive Education Programs

The Ivey Business School at Western University in Toronto is revamping its executive education offerings, adding six new programs to address Canada’s evolving business sector.

“The Canadian business market has dictated to us the key competencies needed to remain relevant and successful in today’s global business environment,” said Mark Healy, Ivey’s Executive Director of Executive Education, in a press release. “I’m pleased to be able to address those needs with the launch of these six programs.”

The Ivey Executive MBA program already helps advance the careers of professionals, but these new additions will only further the school’s efforts. The programs will begin in fall 2017 and be offeredat the London and Ontario campuses, as well as Toronto.

Corporate Reputation Management
This “immersive” program will teach students how to plan for, respond and recover from situations where a business’ reputation is at risk. Once a company loses its rep, well, everything else goes down the drain, too. It’s important that professionals know how to handle those events.

Preparing for Disruption
One thing’s for sure: In business, always prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes, this looks like technological innovations. While good for the consumer, such change isn’t always good for a business. This addition will help participants look critically at their businesses and find any potential vulnerabilities or places where the market might negatively impact them—and then brainstorm to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Leading With Business Analytics
Data and numbers really are the future. This program will help businesses use these information to their benefit by showing them how other major players use data to stay competitive. Students will also learn the basics to some data analysis tools to stay in the loop themselves.

Mastering FinTech: Strategies for the Future
How does one protect themselves from the emerging FinTech market? Ultimately, those employed in the banking, finance or insurance sectors will benefit most because they’re the ones this technology threatens most. The program will show them how to create a proper response plan and even how to take advantage of this technology before competitors use it against them.

Design Thinking: Driving Innovation

Design is everything, they say. This couldn’t be more true in the world of business and customer service. This new program aims to teach participants all they need to know about using design to lead and ideate. This type of innovation is especially “crucial” to compete globally.


Many families pass their business down from generation to generation. There’s a science to doing that right. That’s where this program comes in. A successful transition requires specific strategies that address growth and trust. The Ivey School encourages families to take part in this program, but it requires a nomination.

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Aug 15, 2017 by

Which Cambridge Judge Scholarships Are Right For You?

Cambridge Judge Scholarships

Money can be a compounding stressor when it comes to earning an MBA. Sure, the degree is worth it, but achieving it requires serious planning. With books, housing, and a social life, the bills add up. Luckily, most universities and business schools offer scholarships to make it easier for students to attend.

Take London’s Cambridge Judge Business School, for example. The Financial Times ranked the business school’s MBA program as the fifth best in the world in 2017, and the best overall in the UK. To help join one of the world’s preeminent business institutions, a number of scholarships are available. Some focus on academic achievement, but others are about equity and go toward students of a specific nationality or gender. The institution recognizes that this type of financial assistance is necessary—after all, one year of tuition costs £49,000 (nearly $64,000 USD). That, of course, doesn’t include books or meals.

Those interested in applying for these Cambridge Judge scholarships must do so before the school year officially begins.

The Boustany Foundation Scholarship: The Boustany Foundation Scholarship offers £23,000 in financial assistance, as well as any travel costs. The scholarship is granted once every two years with priority given to Lebanese nationals. However, an applicant must be “outstanding and highly meriting.”

The Culture, Arts and Media Bursary: This scholarship looks at candidates interested in working in media, which can include fields such as journalism, creative writing, or production. The offer caps at £10,000. Once the scholarship is offered, applicants are expected to compete through an essay and give a talk on the media to the class.

The Ruth Whaley Bursary for Women in Science: This is a scholarship specifically for women working in finance. The Ruth Whaley Bursary gives a candidate £10,000—as well as the opportunity to mentor with Ruth Whaley, the founder of New York-based risk management consulting firm Barset Consulting LLC. The goal? That more women take up senior finance positions.

The EY Scholarship for Angolan Residents: This is the only scholarship that covers the business school’s full-tuition. That includes college fees, living expenses, and a flight back home to Angola. Applicants for the EY Scholarship are required to write an essay on how they’d use their time at Cambridge to further sustainable development to Angola.

The Sainsbury Bursary Scheme: Despite what the name suggests, this scholarship is no scheme. It recognizes applicants who have worked in the charity and volunteer sectors, offering them £14,000-28,000. They must show how they’d use their skills to continue this work. UK citizens working in the UK are given priority.

The Maissa Karim Scholarship: This £2,500 award is in honor of the lake Maissa Karim, a member of the school’s 2005 program. Now, that might not sound like much, but the money goes to a candidate who wouldn’t be able to do the MBA program without financial assistance. Every dollar counts.

The St. Catherine’s Benavitch Scholarship: This generous gift offers five candidates £10,000 each. Named after the late Maurice and Natalie Benavitch, the scholarship is supposed to develop tomorrow’s business leaders. Those who receive the award will join St Catherine’s College, a five-minute walk from Cambridge Judge. That means that five lucky candidates will have access to not one, but two university campuses.

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