Ashridge Executive Education

Ashridge Executive MBA Program Structure

The Ashridge Executive MBA for Creative Industries is a 24-month program starting in October. The program is constructed around six core modules with two units per module, mostly studied online through the first 18 months of the program. The latter six months focus on a business project. Included in the program are four residential weeks: three at Ashridge and one at an international location.


Six modules comprise the core of the Ashridge Executive MBA for Creative Industries: Leading The Creative Process, Creating Strategy, Effective Leadership, Business Finance, Achieving Scale, and Marketing.

These modules are studied over the course of the first 18 months of the 24-month program, with the final six months focusing on the individual student’s business project. The majority of the EMBA can be done online, so as to offer flexibility to working professionals. The program begins in October and is based on Ashridge’s previously established Executive MBA program.

Class Profile

EMBA for Creative Industries students are usually seeking to rise to the next level in their careers but wish to continue working while in school. They are in general more likely to be of Western European origin than the more diverse body of students that make up the full-time program. EMBA students usually have a substantial amount of work experience behind them when starting the program. As with the full-time MBA, a prior degree is not required to attend the program, but applicants without a first degree should have at least five years of professional experience. Applicants with a first degree should preferably have at least three years of experience.


Running alongside the Ashridge executive program, the Employability Module aims to equip students with the necessary skills to make any and all desired career moves. In this module, extensive support is provided via workshops, workbooks, one-on-one mentoring, and the Online Career Planner website.

Tuition & Financial Aid

The EMBA for Creative Industries costs £32,500 GBP.

Tuition assistance can range from company funding to scholarships and loans. There are a few different scholarships offered to participants of the full-time and Executive MBA programs, some of which can cover up to 90 percent of tuition, though the typically scholarship amount goes up to 25 percent of tuition. To apply for a scholarship, upon admission applicants will be asked to write an essay to determine eligibility for the award. These pieces are assessed on merit; awards are given to candidates with the greatest potential or who are judged to have the best reasons for pursuing an MBA. Scholarships are available in ten categories, and applicants should be able to align their professional motivations and interests with at least one. Category topics include: an Aspiring Women in Business Scholarship, an Embedding Sustainability Scholarship, and a Military Scholarship. Santander University Scholarships are also available to Ashridge students each year, specifically those from select countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Perú, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Spain, Portugal, USA, UK, Russia, China, and Singapore.

Loans recommended for UK residents include those obtained through the Department of Education and Skills as well as through the MOD Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme. For international applicants from India, the Credila Loan program is recommended. StudentFunder LTD offers a crowdfunding opportunity also available to students. More detailed information about each of these opportunities can be found on the school’s website.

Admissions Procedures

Application requirements include: an application form, official transcripts from all educational institutions attended, test scores, and an interview (if necessary). The GMAT is not compulsory for the EMBA program, but may be requested by the program director at his discretion. Interviews are conducted either in person or through Skype. Applicants who have not taken the GMAT and who conduct their interview in person will be asked to complete the Ashridge Admissions Test.

Candidates interviewed via Skype who have not taken the GMAT are required to take this test upon admission before starting the program. International applicants planning to study the Executive MBA require a Student Visitor Visa. Non-native English speaking applicants must provide proper English speaking test scores such as the IELTS. Those electing to take the IELTS must score a minimum of seven. Additional English speaking training is offered.

Application Deadlines

The final deadline for the Ashridge Executive MBA for Creative Industries is 1 September 2017.