University of North Texas College of Business


The University of North Texas was founded in 1890 as Texas Normal College and teachers’ Training Institute. Since its founding, the University has been renamed several times. It became the University of North Texas in 1988. The college of business was founded in 1946 as the School of Business Administration. The name was changed to College of Business in 1971. The undergraduate business program received AACSB accreditation in 1961 and the Master of Business program received AACSB accreditation in 1964.


The College of Business is located on the University of North Texas campus located in Denton, Texas- about one hour from Dallas. It is located within the Dallas-Fort Worth–Arlington metropolitan area.

UNT also holds classes at The Universities Center at Dallas (UCD). UCD is a Multi-Institution Teaching Center located in downtown Dallas. The Federation of North Texas Area Universities, an educational consortium comprised of Texas A&M University at Commerce, University of North Texas at Denton and University of Texas at Arlington, provides operation of the UCD.


The College of Business at UNT is organized in to five academic departments, Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Law (FIREL), Information Technology & Decision Sciences, Management, and Marketing & Logistics.

The College also has six interdisciplinary centers, the Center for NAFTA Studies, the Information Systems Research Center, The Institute of Petroleum Accounting, The Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship and the Center for Logistics Education and Research.

The UNT Libraries have a nationally recognized digital library program that offers students access to collections of more than 6 million cataloged items. Library contents on the UNT campus range from government documents, law, business, economics, geography, political science and public administration to documents relating to research and collections of music. UNT also has more computers per student than any other public university in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

The College of Business recently moved to its own building. The Business Leadership Building occupies 180,000 square feet and contains 24 Apple TV-enabled classrooms and more than 222 offices for faculty, staff and doctoral students. In the new building, College of Business students have access to study areas, dining areas, group meeting rooms and a computer lab.


There are 125 faculty members at the College of Business at UNT. Out of the 125, 67 are tenured faculty and 16 are tenure track faculty. UNT faculty consistently works with students and other staff on various research projects. Faculty at UNT had 165 Peer Reviewed Articles Published in 2012 and 132 Research presentations. UNT also hosts visiting scholars and faculty from more than 50 different countries and offers global learning and experience programs in more than 37 different countries.

Student Body

In fall 2013, there were 334 students enrolled in MBA programs at UNT. Graduate students make up 9 percent of students at the College of Business. Forty percent of students in the College of Business are female, 7 percent are international students from 74 different countries and 90 percent of students are in-state Texas residents.

MBA Degree Offerings

The College of Business at the University of North Texas offers an Accelerated Online MBA in Strategic Management and 10 different flexible MBA programs, as well as two online MBA programs.