Financial Times MBA Rankings

Financial Times MBA Rankings

The Financial Times offers one of the world's most comprehensive school ranking systems available, highlighting the world's premiere full-time MBA programs. The annually released ranking organizes school programs according to 20 different criteria. Check out the publication's 2020 rankings below.

Harvard ft banner

Two years ago, the Harvard Business School found itself in unfamiliar territory. For many institutions, landing fifth overall on the annual Financial Times MBA ranking was an unrivaled achievement. For HBS, however, it felt like a disappointment. Since that "low point," however, the Cambridge institution finds itself back on top, reclaiming the number one seat for 2020.

HBS MBA graduates are among the world's top-earners, but the school's ascendence back to to the number one slot comes as a result of major improvements to the diversity and intersectionality of its faculty, along with a steadfast recommendation score among alumni (the best in the world, according to FT).

wharton ft banner

For three consecutive years, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania has found itself sitting just outside the top two of the annual Financial Times full-time MBA ranking, sitting as low as fourth place overall in 2019. However, like HBS, Wharton finds itself at its highest FT rank in years, climbing to number two overall for 2020.

The Philadelphia metro business school boasts the second-highest weighted salary average in the world for MBA programs, with graduates pulling in an estimated $211,000 per year three years after earning their respective degrees.

stanford ft banner

While the Stanford Graduate School of Business still manages, by far, the best weighted salary averages among its full-time MBA graduates, the Silicon Valley area business school slipped slightly in the 2020 FT annual full-time MBA ranking, moving from first place in 2019 to third place in 2020.

The minor fall comes after claiming the top spot in back-to-back years, with relative drops in the "value for money" ranking. The "career progress rank," however, is still second-to-none, ranked as the best in the world.

insead banner

For the second consecutive year, the Fontainebleau, France business school INSEAD managed to claim the top spot for business schools not in the United States, albeit slipping from third overall in 2019 to fourth in 2020.

In proximity to the aforementioned U.S. business schools, INSEAD offers full-time MBA applicants a more affordable alternative, with the eighth overall spot in the "value for money rank." In addition, international applicants may be better suited for the European school, which ranks fifth overall for "international mobility" and "international course experience."

CEIBS Banner

CEIBS (China Europe International Business School), the highest-ranked business school in the Financial Times Global MBA ranking this year, keeps its fifth overall spot from 2019.

The school is ranked spots ahead of the next-highest ranked Asain business school, the National University of Singapore Business School. Like last year, CEIBS graduates enjoyed monumental salary increases, with a 187 percent jump according to FT data.

mit sloan banner

MIT's Sloan School of Management, the second-highest Boston metro business school on the FT 2020 ranking, has been slowly inching up the publication's annual rankings, moving up from 13th overall in 2017, 9th in 2018, and 8th in 2019.

Like many of the high-ranked U.S. business schools in the ranking, MIT's overall score was boosted by its "alumni recommend rank," which was the third highest in the world, according to FT. Sloan MBA grads earn an average annual weighted salary of $197,177.

LBS FT banner

The London Business School manages to hold its spot as the highest-ranked UK business school on the annual FT global full-time MBA ranking, despite falling dropping in the standings for 2020. This marks the third-consecutive year LBS has fallen in the ranking, which placed fourth overall in 2018 and sixth overall in 2019.

MBA grads from LBS still saw an average salary increase of 105 percent after earning their respective degree. Among the reasons for the minor fall in the ranking, however, is the school's "value for money rank," moving down seven spots from the previous year. Still, LBS is among the premiere institutions for international applicants, with top 10 ranks for "international mobility" and "international course experience."

columbia ft banner

Columbia Business School, the highest-ranked business school in New York City on the 2020 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking, saw a minor jump in the newest release, moving from ninth overall in 2019 to eighth overall this year.

Graduate's weighted annual salary saw a monumental rise from last year, moving up from $184,099 to an eye-popping $202,238, making it one of only four programs on the list to pass the $200,000 threshold.

HEC Paris banner

HEC Paris, the second-highest ranked business school in France represented on the annual Financial Times global MBA ranking, is one of the biggest winners for 2020, moving up from 19th overall last year to the top 10.

The school's MBA program earned high honors for "career progress" and "value for money," but among the more standout recommendations, graduates witnessed a 133 percent salary increase after earning the degree—a 27 percent increase from the previous year.

booth ft banner

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the lone Midwest U.S. representative to find its way onto this year's global MBA ranking from FT, earns the final spot in the top 10, slipping from seventh overall last year.

The school's MBA program still earned top ten honors for the "career services" and "alumni recommendation" ranks, but saw noticeable dips in the percentage of international board members (just 18 percent), and "international course experience," which comes in 87th overall on the list. Still, like many of the U.S. schools on this list, financial incentives were hard to ignore. Graduates enjoyed a salary increase of 123 percent, enjoying a weighted salary of $191,679.


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