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MetroMBA is your hub for exploring MBA programs in your metro. We bring together the latest news and information about each program and let you compare them side by side to find the best fit. Pick your metro to view the latest regional MBA news and to explore a list of business schools near you. Filter your results by area of concentration or use our regional maps to pinpoint the degree programs closest to your home or office. Then delve deeper into your target programs by reading our school profiles, which put in-depth program information at your fingertips.

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MetroMBA’s Mission

MetroMBA is committed to providing timely, accurate, insightful information about regional MBA programs in and around urban centers in the United States and beyond. Serving a primary audience of MBA applicants—and believing in the intrinsic value of the MBA—we aim to produce thoughtful content about the particular questions facing regional MBA applicants, helping equip them with the information they need to gain admission to the school best suited to them in their target metro.

We also aim to be a comprehensive resource for others interested in graduate management education in any of our regional metro areas of coverage, including current MBA students and alumni, the MBA admissions community, and prospective employers.


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