AMA: Smith Marketing Researchers Recognized for Their Work

According to the American Marketing Association, the world’s most productive marketing researchers over the past five years include Robert H. Smith School of Business professors Michael Trusov, Michel Wedel and Jie Zhang.

These three educators rank among the top 50 “most productive researchers” for 2009-13 in the AMA’s DocSig Author Research Productivity listings.

Wedel, Pepsico Professor of Consumer Science, and Zhang, associate professor of marketing, find themselves in the rankings for the second time, while Trusov, associate professor of marketing, enters the rankings in multiple categories. Their work has helped launch Smith into AMA’s university-level rankings for marketing research.

“Michel, Jie and Michael represent the tip of an iceberg of the collective, published research by our faculty,” said P.K. Kannan, the Ralph J. Tyser Professor of Marketing Science and chair of Smith’s marketing department. “The quality of the publications exceeds their volume, as well.”

Smith’s faculty is internationally renowned for their research and is ranked No. 15 in the world for intellectual capital by The Financial Times. Overall, the school is represented in each of AMA’s four “research productivity” categories:

  • Premier AMA Journals-Individual: Wedel ranks 7th with seven publications; Zhang and Trusov both rank 26th with four publications each)
  • Premier Journals-Individual: Wedel ranks 10th with 10 publications; Trusov ranks 49th with six publications
  • Premier AMA Journals-University: Smith is 8th with 23 publications
  • Premier Journals-University: Smith is 5th with 48 publications


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