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The Program Search Tool is designed to help you find the graduate business program that fits your needs.. Use the “Add To Compare” feature to analyze multiple schools. Search criteria include program type, class format, program length, average GMAT, work experience requirements, GMAT/GRE requirements, and tuition cost. Begin your business degree search now!  This MBA program search tool will help you find the best program available.

Why the MBA Program Search Tool?

The MetroMBA program search tool minimizes the amount of time it takes you to research programs on individual school websites.  We also organized programs based on the factors that are most important to prospective applicants based on surveys and feedback from our community of users. Once you have identified target programs, we also encourage prospective applicants to compare scholarship opportunities to minimize the cost of attendance.

Tips to find the best MBA program or MS program

1. Start by selecting your highest priority search criteria. For example, if you are searching for programs that do not require the GMAT or GRE, the program search tool will list all programs available for that admissions requirement.
2. After finding a program that meets your criteria, either compare it with other programs or click on the profile to learn more.
3. Many schools offer multiple MBA or MS offerings. If you find a school that you match with, go to the MetroMBA school landing page to learn about other programs that school offers to see if it is a match.
4. Research the admissions checklist for each program to begin preparing your MBA or MS application.  Most schools require your transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation and updated resumes. Some schools will require you to also submit an essay(s) and interview with an admissions representative.

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