Howard and the NBMBAA

At Howard University’s School of Business, Black MBA Associations can help you along your academic career via everything from admissions help, supporting you through your degree program and improving your career prospects. This can be valuable when you are in an online EMBA program or working full-time.

The National Black MBA Association, or NBMBAA, is the largest organization dedicated to increasing African American representation in higher education and the professional workforce. You can enroll for the NBMBAA and find local chapter information online.

So what exactly does NBMBAA offer to those who join in?

The NBMBAA offers professional test preparation services for the GMAT. These preps will familiarize you with the test if you have never taken it before, or to raise your preceding score if you have already taken the test. Because many online EMBA programs require you to take the GMAT before applying, test prep services from the NBMBAA can be a huge resource.

The NBMBAA also offers scholarships of $1,000 to $15,000 to black MBA candidates to make a degree more affordable: The regular cost of typical MBA programs ranges from $10,000 to $30,000 or more per year.

The NBMBAA provides career advising to pinpoint job options after graduation. It also backs an employment network so that companies can quickly identify you as a prospective job candidate.

Black MBA associations are an important resource for online EMBA candidates. The NBMBAA is for anyone regardless of if you are just starting your search for online EMBA programs, going through the application process, completing your degree requirements or searching for a job.


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