Semifinalists Named For Smith Entrepreneurial Competition

For a ninth year, Kevin Plank, Under Armor’s founder and CEO, will partner with his alma mater, The University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business to host Cupid’s Cup—Smith’s Entrepreneurial Business Competition.

Last week, fourteen student startups were selected from close to 150 applicants from around the United States to advance to the semifinal round in the 2014 competition.

The student entrepreneurs will give their presentations on February 20 at Under Armour’s global headquarters in Baltimore, MD. The final round of competiton will then be held on April 4 where the top five startups will compete for $115,000 in College Park.

Here are this year’s semifinalists:

BaseTrace (Duke University) – a DNA-based fluid barcoding solution for tagging industrial fluids.

-CHAARG [Changing Health, Attitudes, + Actions to Recreate Girls] (Ohio State University) –  an organization aimed at igniting a passion in college-aged women for health and fitness.

-College Student Apartments (Texas Tech University) – a service to change how college students find apartments and list subleases.

-Compology (University of Maryland) –  a system that tracks what’s in dumpsters to know when to pick it up and how much it’s worth to increase hauler’s margins by 50 percent.

-CrowdTunes (Duke University) –  a music marketplace powered from patrons’ phones offering a free, turnkey music solution to bars.

-Disease Diagnostic Group (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – a biotech company that says it can save one million lives with just refrigerator magnets and a laser pointer.

-Encore (Georgetown University) – a company that synthesizes social data in actionable, bite-sized alerts for marketers at leading brands.

-Golden Gear Corp. (Syracuse University) – an equipment provider for professional boxers, mixed martial artists, and muay thai fighters.

-Imaginex (University of Maryland) – a tech company that develops and provides large interactive media displays for events and brands.

-Kohana (The Johns Hopkins University) – maker of a new type of breast pump, The Gala Pump, that women can discreetly wear.

-Million Dollar Scholar (Morehouse College) – an ed-tech social venture utilizing a web-based platform to educate high school/college students and ex-offenders on how gain scholarships and avoid student debt.

-Rehabtics (The Johns Hopkins University) – a software developer using customized motion-controlled video games for physical rehabilitation.

-SEG (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) – an apparel maker that connects sports fans to the game through sound.

-Wheel Shields (University of Maryland) – maker of a longboard skateboarding device that improves safety, keeps riders dry, and lets skaters perform new tricks.

You can read more about Cupid’s Cup here.

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