Another 40 Under 40 Best Professor Award Winner at Jones

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Poets and Quants, the website responsible for a lot of the business school rankings you see, recently released its list of the World’s Best 40 under 40 Business School Professors. This year, Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business’s Yael Hochberg is one of the winners. Jones also scored one of the spots last year when assistant professor of management Hajo Adams was selected.

Hochberg is a busy woman. At Jones she holds a lot of titles: Associate Professor of Finance, Head of the Entrepreneurship Initiative, Academic Director of Rice Alliance, Ralph S. O’Connor Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Managing Director of the Seed Accelerator Rankings Project.

Hochberg told Rice about how she ended up a professor. “When the internet bubble imploded, I looked around at the destruction in Silicon Valley and decided there was just so much we didn’t know about startups, entrepreneurship and innovation. I wanted to be part of putting together that puzzle,” Hochberg said. “As a professor, you touch so many lives and influence so many careers. You have the opportunity to inspire your students to greatness, guide them, and help them see the myriad opportunities they can pursue for success.”

Her students seem to agree. A nomination for Hochberg from Aziz Gilani said “I was one of Yael Hochberg’s students while pursuing my MBA at Kellogg. I participated in her Venture Lab program, an experiential learning class that placed students in startup companies, accelerators and venture capital firms to help us get hands-on experience and exposure to what and how those groups do what they do. I found her classes and mentorship vital. Together, she and I co-authored the Seed Accelerator rankings, which were quoted in publications like The New York Times and Businessweek. Her research is a highly regarded and used by venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, who have quoted her work directly to me on multiple occasions.”


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