What Will It Take to Get More Women Seeking MBAs?

The business world is often thought of as a male dominated landscape. That’s a perception and a reality that has been shifting over the years. But, according to the Wall Street Journal, business schools are concerned that “the pipeline of young women may be running dry,” due to a dip in the overall number of students who are interested in getting an MBA.

Elissa Sangster wrote an opinion piece on the subject that was published on Fortune’s website. In the piece she discusses her recommendations for recruiting more women for MBAs.

“When young women start thinking about a future in business early on, they can smooth their path to success,” Sangster said. “Thinking ahead will help them pick the right major, get the right internships, and take other important steps that will set them up for a promising career.”

She continued to offer more specific insights on path’s women should take. “Here’s what I recommend for young women who think they may have an MBA in their future: take at least six to 12 hours of business coursework; build a network of MBA students and alumni; and take the GMAT before you graduate from college (research has shown that women who do so tend perform better on the test).”

Sangster is the Executive Director of the Forte Foundation and former Assistant Dean and Director of the MBA program at University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business.


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