In the News: Sellinger Professors Lend Expertise to Baltimore Metro Media

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Professors from the Sellinger School of Business often serve as experts in the media. Here are a few excerpts of various sellinger faculty members sharing their knowledge on a range of business topics:

Professor Karyl Leggio, a finance professor, discussed T. Rowe Price outsourcing 220 mutual fund accounting and record-keeping jobs to New York City-based financial firm BNY Mellon this summer in The Baltimore Sun on June 2:

“I think it’s been coming for a while,” she said. “I think there’s life cycles for companies, there’s time periods where companies try to do everything themselves, and there’s times when companies try to focus on their core competencies. There was a time when all IT was outsourced to India.”

Assistant Professor Marie Yeh discussed how Sparks-based spice maker McCormick & Co. Inc. markets to millennials in a Baltimore Business Journal cover story on June 26:

“I did a quick search of McCormick on YouTube, and I didn’t really find content that millennials will find all that engaging,” said Marie Yeh… Social media can’t simply be another channel for advertising, she said.

“Some things that I’ve seen companies do effectively are having contests where people give their ideas and create videos of what they’re doing with your product,” Yeh said. “Millennials want to be engaged. They want to interact with you, so it needs to be more of a two-way conversation.”

In other millennial news — well, sort of — Leggio also addressed AOL possibly buying Millennial Media in the Baltimore Business Journal on July 10:

“I think it speaks well that Baltimore was able to grow this company into a really valuable player,” Leggio said. “This is just a local firm that’s done well. That’s good for Baltimore.”

Lastly, assistant Professor Mark Johnson discussed investing in The Baltimore Sun on July 11:

Mark Johnson…. said he relies on passive investment for retirement “just because I know how hard it is to beat the market.”

Mutual fund companies “have the best and the brightest managing these funds, but it’s hard to beat the benchmarks and they know that. I compare passive management to a ‘Jesus, take the wheel’ approach to retirement investment.”


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