Novartis CEO Talks Health Care Industry At Carey Leaders + Legends Series

Novartis CEO Joseph Jimenez Talks Health Care Industry At Carey Leaders + Legends Series

Joseph Jimenez, CEO of pharmaceutical giant Novartis, spoke at a Q&A session at the Carey Business School last month as part of the school’s Leaders + Legends speaker series. The talk was entitled “A Time for Change: The Future of Healthcare”

According to a press release on the Carey website, Jimenez has been CEO of Novartis since 2010 where under his leadership, the company has committed heavily to R&D investment. His decision-making has led to new breakthroughs and one of the largest pipelines of self-originated drugs in the industry.

Jimenez was asked what it takes to be successful in the healthcare industry in 2015. He responded that one of the integral factors to his company’s success is innovation.

“Investing in innovation is such a critical factor for our industry,” Jimenez said. “In order to win, you better be science-based and you better be good at innovation. You have to be first in class or best in class in any new product you bring.”

You can watch the full discussion, including the Q&A, by clicking here.


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