Students and Industry Leaders Connect at Bauer’s Supply Chain Symposium

The C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston and the Bauer Supply Chain Forum recently served as host for the Fall 2015 Bauer Supply Chain Symposium. The daylong event invited both industry leaders and top Bauer students to take part, allowing students the chance to connect with these leaders and build on the skills developed in the classroom.

Dale Tibodeau, Decision & Information Sciences Clinical Assistant Professor, discussed the importance of applying knowledge outside of the classroom. “These symposiums help make things more real and help students understand the industry better,” he said. “…Helping connect the dots between theory and practice is essential to learning and retaining and using what we learn.”

The keynote address was delivered by co-speakers Bob Mesinger, the Senior Regulator Compliance Counsel for Logistics CEVE, with Lance Stricken, Senior Trade Counsel for Halliburton. The speech was entitled: “Regulatory Concerns in the Global Supply Chain- What Gets You in Trouble?”, and emphasized the importance of thinking globally even for a local business.

The symposium not only involved panel discussions on multiple topics throughout the day, but also offered attendees plenty of opportunities for networking. Business leaders were present from such companies as CEVA Logistics, Halliburton, the U.S. Homeland Security Investigations and the Food and Drug Administration. 

According to Tibodeau, the symposium had additional benefits in getting companies who do not yet recruit Bauer students to familiarize themselves with the students and program. “We believe the collaboration and engagement we get from these events will pay off…These events are a key element to help move our program forward,” he said.

The Bauer College supply chain program is among the largest in the country. Currently, more than 600 undergraduate students major in supply chain management, and there additionally remains a strong involvement at the MBA and Ph.D. levels.


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