No GMAT/GRE Required at These Houston MBA Programs

No GMAT/GRE Required

There’s a lot of work that goes into your MBA application. Not only do you have to write individual essays for each school and tailor your resume, but you also have to get letters of recommendation and perform well in an interview. And for those bad test-takers, there’s one other element that can leave you in a cold sweat—the GMAT/GRE.

Let’s be brutally honest. Prepping for the GMAT/GRE is stressful and tiring. Who has time to spend hours each week reading a textbook and taking practice exams? For many, it’s a nightmarish process that makes the prospect of getting an MBA a lot less attractive. Even worse, some of the top schools expect GMAT scores above 715 according to U.S. News. But there is good news.

Not every school requires the GMAT or GRE. In fact, six schools in Houston, Texas offer MBA program admission without the test. So, if the idea of testing makes you want to hide in a corner and never come out again, consider applying to one of these schools instead.

Cameron School of Business – University of St. Thomas

At the Cameron School of Business, a GMAT/GRE score isn’t required for admissions into any of their graduate programs. So, whether you’re interested in attending their full-time MBA program or their part-time MBA, you can rest easy knowing a test for admissions is not in your future.

In fact, the school’s admission requirements are very simple. The only thing you have to do to apply is to submit an online application, official transcripts and a copy of your current resume. Everything else is optional including letters of recommendation, essays, GMAT/GRE Scores and verification of employment.

Rice University – Jones Graduate School of Business

Candidates interested in the Executive MBA program at Jones Graduate School of Business can also ignore the GMAT/GRE if it’s waived. Waivers are granted on a case-by-case basis for Rice’s EMBA program. For the EMBA, the admissions committee is more concerned with your work experience, as the average student has at least 14 years under their belt. As for the full-time and part-time MBA at Rice, the GMAT/GRE is required. And the score should be available before the deadline for the round.

C.T. Bauer College of Business – University of Houston

Just like at Rice, C.T. Bauer EMBA students are not required to submit GMAT/GRE scores. In fact, EMBAs don’t even have to worry about receiving a special waiver to avoid the exam. Instead, the admissions office is more concerned with the Executive MBA Application Employment & Self Appraisal Form. This form is similar to a resume, but it asks applicants to carefully review their skills and knowledge in particular areas such as Finance, Marketing, Production and Economics. The form also allows candidates to explain prior academic performance.

Jesse H. Jones School of Business – Texas Southern University

The EMBA program at the Jesse H. Jones School of Business requires at least five years of management experience but no GMAT scores. Instead, the application process is paired down to focus on previous academic performance, professional work experience and letters of recommendation. EMBA applicants are also required to submit a concise, 500-word essay explaining why they want to earn an EMBA from Texas Southern University. As for full-time and part-time MBA applicants, a GMAT score is required. In addition, applicants must achieve at least a 3.5 or above on the analytical writing portion to demonstrate English proficiency.

Mays Business School – Texas A&M University

At Mays Business School, the Executive MBA admissions process is highly selective and competitive. Candidates are required to have a minimum of 10 years of work experience and preference is given to students with at least seven years of managerial responsibilities. And due to those stringent requirements, EMBA applicants are not required to take the GMAT or GRE. Instead, the admissions committee will focus exclusively on work experience, managerial experience, teamwork, motivation and balance.

McCombs School of Business – University of Texas at Austin

At McCombs, the GMAT and GRE are required for all applicants unless they receive permission to waive the test. In particular, the admissions committee will consider petitions to waive the GMAT or GRE for Executive MBA candidates who have substantial work experience or a terminal degree such as a Ph.D., MD, JD, etc. To petition for a waiver, EMBA students should use the optional essay in the online application to explain their reason for the waiver request. However, it’s important to note that the decision to waive the test is rolled into the application. So, if the committee decides to refuse your waiver, you may not be accepted due to an incomplete application. You will not receive a separate decision on your waiver.

For more information on the GMAT and GRE in Houston and other Metros see MetroMBA’s No GMAT and GRE Guide and Houston MBA Programs that Don’t Require the GMAT or GRE.


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