Cameron Symposium Celebrates Innovation at St. Thomas


The second annual Cameron Business Symposium recently took place at the University of St. Thomas- Cameron School of Business, celebrating the leadership and innovation of Cameron faculty, students and alumni.

The symposium included a wide arrange of events and honors, beginning with the induction of the Cullen Trust for Higher Education into the Cameron School of Business Hall of Fame. The award was accepted by Mr. Corbin J Robertson—a descendent of the Cullen family—on behalf of the trust.

“The University of St. Thomas does a wonderful job of educating in a faith-based atmosphere,” Mr. Roberson commented on his experience with Cameron. “We adhere to the values the University of St. Thomas espouses to all their students. The diverse group of people and faces that I see swell my heart with pride.”

The opening keynote address was given by Cameron alum Mishal Kanoo, who discussed the way his Cameron education allowed him diverse perspectives to problem solving in business.

“I would like to start by saying how indebted I am to the university and, more importantly, to the faculty and my friends who were with me and helped me have a different perspective on life,” Kanoo said at the event. “Coming in as a 17-year-old who had a very sheltered life, and seeing life at the intersection of Westheimer and Montrose, you get different aspects in understanding how things are and work.”

Dr. Robert Ivany, president of the university, commented on Kanoo’s commitment to helping others better understand the contemporary issues facing the business community. “Even though he is a busy business man, Mishal has found time to address these much larger issues in an insightful and comprehensive way.”

After speeches, the symposium offered a number of breakout sessions for students to dive deeper into specific topics, including anything from the development of family businesses to the role of technology in modern business.

In addition to the keynote speaker, alumni and industry leaders were also invited to participate in panel discussions on the topics of business ethics and strategy.


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