Business And The Blockchain Event To Explore New Business Technology At Rice


“Business And The Blockchain,” a weekend long event at the Rice University – Jones Graduate School of Business, will explore a revolutionary technology that is changing the business world.

The event, which takes place at the end of April at Rice University, will invite a host of professional speakers from a variety of industries to explore the topic of “Business And The Blockchain.” Companies like BNY Mellon, IBM and Microsoft will be represented at the conference, among many others.

The conference will be centered around exploring the blockchain, a new secure way of distributing data that is revolutionizing how business is and can be done. In addition to each speaker discussing the way the blockchain is being utilized by their company, there will also be breakout sessions that will allow attendees to ask questions of the speakers. Tickets to the event will include lunch for the weekend as well as networking opportunities. The event is available to current students, Rice alumni and community members.

“Business And The Blockchain” is just one among many events the Jones Graduate School of Business offers. In April and May alone, Rice will offer a tremendous variety of events ranging from an Accounting Seminar & Conference to a wine tasting competition for Rice Business students. There are also a number of events which can help prospective MBAs learn about and prepare for the process of applying to a Rice MBA program. From Rice MBA Admissions 101 to a Rice MBA Lunch and Learn, attending the events can help prospective students to forge connections, ease anxiety about the admissions process, and make informed choices about their future.


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