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There’s no doubt that the world has grown smaller as it’s become increasingly easier to connect and travel across vast distances. And that shrinking of the world stage has been nowhere more evident than in business. Today, it’s nearly impossible to imagine working in an industry that doesn’t have global implications. And that’s why many business schools have stepped up to the plate to start offering global business MBA programs.

About International/Global Business MBA Programs

So what actually makes a Global Business MBA truly global? It’s all about the emphasis of the curriculum.

Global MBA programs know that their students are going to be dealing with different language, culture, traditions, government and legal structures throughout the course of their career. That’s why these MBA programs focus on helping their students gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities present in international markets and how to make the most of them.

Global MBA programs give their students an edge in the international business world by offering course material, employment and recruitment opportunities on the world stage. These programs also typically have a very diverse class profile, welcoming approximately 50 percent international students from a variety of countries and nationalities.

The key to the Global MBA is the fact that most classroom work and discussions aren’t just focused on a single country but on different regions and countries around the world. There’s also typically an opportunity for MBA students in a global program to participate in an international trip to gain exposure to global business practices on the ground.

Washington DC International/Global Business MBA Programs

So, now that you know what a Global MBA consists of, where should you go to school in D.C. for that type of education? While most MBA programs will claim they offer a global emphasis, there are only a few programs in the Washington D.C. area that can actually claim to be internationally focused.

George Washington University School of Business

The Global MBA Program at George Washington University is a truly international experience. Out of a class of 97 students, 47 percent are of international origin. And as for the curriculum, the entire two years are focused on helping MBA students gain a wider perspective of business.

During the first year, Global MBA students will spend most of their time focused on building their traditional business skills with an emphasis on global leadership, ethics, sustainability and corporate and social responsibility. Then, toward the end of their first year, students will participate in their first hands-on experience doing business abroad.

The Consulting Abroad Project (CAP) is a nine-week project that asks students to take part in a real-life consulting engagement for a global firm. The first seven weeks are spent in D.C., and then the last two weeks are spent in the company’s home country. During the second year of the Global MBA program, students spend most of their time focused on completing their elective courses and developing their concentration.

The World Executive MBA is the second internationally focused MBA program at George Washington University. This program is 16-months long and designed to provide students with the in-depth knowledge and resources they need to drive global economics, innovation, and policy. It’s a unique program focused on national security, shaping global business and cybersecurity. For the program, students complete two international residencies.

McDonough School of Business – Georgetown University

The Global Executive MBA at McDonough is an international program that combines three international universities and four graduate schools across four continents. Students in the program complete six challenging international modules across the 14 months of the program—each module lasts 12 days.

The modules take place in international cities around the world including Barcelona, Panama City, Bangalore, Beijing and New York. Each module uses a blended learning methodology, which leverages the expertise of the faculty and course content as well as the skills, knowledge, and background of each unique student. As part of this, students will also participate in a Consulting Project where they’ll work in teams to consult with companies operating in the Indian/Chinese market.

As for the class profile of the Global Executive MBA program, it represents its international focus. Students speak over 28 languages, and they’re spread out across 20 countries. To garner this diverse range of MBA students, the GEMBA program holds interview days in Europe and Latin America.

Robert H. Smith School of Business – University of Maryland

At the Robert H. Smith School, they don’t specifically offer a Global MBA program. However, their Executive MBA program has a significant global studies component. This is a voluntary experience that allows EMBA students to experience business abroad while earning academic credits. Students spend approximately ten days visiting multi-national organizations in countries such as China, India, France, Chile, Brazil and more.


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