Sellinger School Faculty Talks To Local Media

Sellinger School Faculty

Professors from Loyola Maryland’s Sellinger School of Business often serve as experts in the media. Here are a few recent excerpts of various faculty members sharing their knowledge on a range of business topics:Karyl Leggio, Ph.D., professor of finance, issued her own commentary on a potential merger between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Tribune Media in The Baltimore Sun.

In a media landscape that has been transformed by social media and other online venues, “one of the strategies for surviving and thriving is to become bigger,” and benefit from economies of scale, said Karyl Leggio, a finance professor at Loyola University of Maryland.

The changes to ownership rules could make Tribune an attractive target for other broadcasters or even nonbroadcasters and result in a bidding war, she said. “It seems like they are in friendly negotiations.”

John Burger, Ph.D., professor of economics, discusses interest rates with Maryland Public Television’s business show Your Money & Business.

“The Fed has a number of economic indicators they are looking at. They’ve been told by Congress that their job is to maintain price stability, which is interpreted as keeping inflation low and stable, and also trying to keep the economy close to full employment—that’s the Dual Mandate. Right now, on those two indicators, the economy looks pretty good.”

John Michel, Ph.D., associate professor of management, also appeared on Your Money & Business to discuss positive psychology in the workplace.

“Positive Psychology in the workplace is really focused on creating a great place to work where managers are emphasizing support work relationships, employee well being and excellence in work … not only performing your job exceptionally well, but engaging in pro-social behaviors that are belong other people.”

Lastly, Kerry Tan, Ph.D., assistant professor of economics, talked about a new car rental service in The Baltimore Sun.

The appeal is also apparent for young professionals who don’t own a car but need one occasionally for shopping or other chores, said Kerry Tan, an assistant professor of economics at Loyola University Maryland’s Sellinger School of Business.

“If you’re fresh out of college and live in Fed [Hill] or Fells and you just need a car for a day, something like Maven would be really useful,” Tan said.


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