Deloitte Employees Volunteer Their Talent for 14th Annual IMPACT Day in Boston

Deloitte LLP’s 2,000 New England-based employees contributed their time and talent to local Boston nonprofits on Friday, June 7, during Deloitte’s annual IMPACT Day. The Boston-area Deloitte professionals offered professional acumen, participated in hands-on service projects, and led a summit called “Defining and Quantifying Results” for Boston’s nonprofit leaders. Many IMPACT Day events were not exclusive to Friday, but extensions of year-long commitments to Boston-area organizations.

Deloitte’s 45,000 plus employees worked on projects like those undertaken in Boston in communities across the nation. IMPACT Day serves as a culmination of the Deloitte Impact Imperative, which recognizes the company’s power to affect substantial social change via their employees’ talents.

Deloitte CEO Joe Echevarria said that the same strategies used to make profits and achieve professional goals can be extended to community organizations which lack Deloitte’s resources. “At Deloitte, we pride ourselves on providing high-value, quality services to our clients and the capital markets, and we apply this same approach to service within our communities. As we’ve seen lately, when the private and public sectors collaborate, we can make a real and lasting impact,” he stated in a press release issued by the firm.

IMPACT Day in Boston and in cities across the country allows Deloitte employees to prioritize community needs by helping area nonprofits reach their financial goals and by actively working alongside nonprofit employees to fulfill essential daily tasks. Photos of the day published on the company’s website show Deloitte employees volunteering at a daycare, brainstorming marketing strategies and business development ideas, rebuilding structures, and serving meals.


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