Robinson College of Business Wins Grant for Actuarial Research

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Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business has recently been announced as the recipient of the Society of Actuaries’ grant in education and actuarial research. Georgia State University is one of three universities in the United States to receive the honor, joining the University of Nebrasks-Lincoln and the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the distinction. Schools with programs in actuarial science, which have been chosen as Centers of Actuarial Excellence by the SOA, are able to compete for the grant, which helps universities invest in their actuarial science programs and support advancements in the field.

Dale Hall, SOA Managing Director of Research, said: “The SOA is proud to announce this year’s university grant recipients…we look forward to seeing the completed research from the grant recipients, as they help expand knowledge on longevity, annuities and insurance data analysis to benefit our profession, the insurance industry and ultimately the public.”

With the grant, Robinson College of Business intends to develop a research program on “New Trends in Longevity” with the Department and Risk Management and Insurance. The research will focus on creating models for mortality rates, rather than solely examining the variability in mortality rates.

Additional programs at the other grant recipients include a three-year study on annuity markets at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and a look at insurance data analytics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Centers of Actuarial Excellence grants began in 2010, helping universities develop research and utilize technology and risk management to expand education. Offered annually, the grant is open to designated schools in the United States, Canada and Asia.



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