The Best MBA Clubs in Boston

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The right MBA program is as much an opportunity to learn the tools of your trade and find your niche as it is about building a professional peer and alumni network. There’s no more sure-fire method to sow the seeds that may sustain you (cue booming omniscient Wizard of Oz voice) FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE than within MBA clubs. We took a look at the best MBA clubs that Boston’s business schools had to offer.

Best MBA Clubs in Boston

Boston University Graduate School of Management

Boston University Graduate School of Management offers a plethora of student organizations through its Graduate Student Council, which “strives to develop global unity, diversity and further enhance the perception of the BU MBA from both an academic and a corporate perspective.” Organizations for BU MBAs include the Graduate Entrepreneurship Club, MBA Asian Business Club, Women’s MBA Association, and the Leadership and Organizational Transformation Club. Here are two clubs that jumped out at us from the rest:

The MBA Marketing Association Club assists its members with the challenging transition from academia to the marketing profession. The club explores internal decision-making informed by data analytics to consumer-facing storytelling through branding, social media and creative communications.

LAMBAA welcomes all students interested in the emerging markets of Latin America and the increasingly important American Latino/a marketplace. It collaborates with students and encourages US and Latin American business people to create a network for the purpose of sharing knowledge and building long-term relationships.

Sawyer School of Business at Suffolk

Sawyer School of Business at Suffolk hosts a wide array of organizations for its MBA students to explore common ground on topics ranging from entrepreneurship to international finance to marketing. Here are two clubs that rule the roost at Sawyer:

The International Business Club assists student in acquiring knowledge about important topics in the global business environment, including but not limited to: the national differences in political and legal systems, the international trade strategies of different countries, how global production, outsourcing, and logistics are influenced by new emerging technologies and information systems.

The Entrepreneurship Club strives to provide a platform for members to access resources, network with key entrepreneurs in the community and share ideas amongst each other. The club aims to support members in developing their entrepreneurial ideas or companies and together strive towards becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School’s reputation as an incubator for brilliant thinkers and one low-down presidential stinker precedes itself. MBAs will most certainly want to run, not walk, to one of the school’s dazzling array of student clubs, which range in scope from general management/operations and real estate to family business and venture capital. Here’s the cream of Harvard’s student club crop:

The Bitcoin club facilitates education on Bitcoin and other digital currencies; increasing the use of Bitcoin at HBS; encouraging collaboration and innovation using Bitcoin across the Harvard community; and exploring new applications of Bitcoin technology to other forms of digital transactions.

The Investment Club seeks to improve understanding of investment management; help its members develop practical investment skills and test them in the markets; and create superior access to career opportunities in the investment industry.


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