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While MBA degrees may be the best way for business students to master business, management and leadership skills, some enter business school with a clear idea of which industry they want to enter following graduation. For such graduates, dual degree programs offer the chance to pair a general MBA education with a specialized degree that’s tailored to their a chosen field. And the Questrom School of Business dual MBAs give students an even greater advantage at tailoring that career path.

The Questrom School of Business at Boston University has an extensive range of dual degree offerings through partnerships with other schools and colleges within the university to offer these specialized programs. According to the business school, dual degree candidates must fulfill the degree and residency requirements of both schools in which they are enrolled. The order in which students take certain courses may vary slightly by program.

Below is a rundown of the Questrom School of Business Dual MBAs:

MBA/MS in Media Ventures

Questrom offers a Master of Business Administration/Master of Science (MBA/MS) in Media Ventures dual degree, which is administered jointly by the College of Communication (COM) and the Questrom School of Business. According to the school, the program is designed for “creative and enterprising students who want to take advantage of the explosion of technology and the opportunities that emerging media provide.”

The MBA/MS focuses on the business of creating innovative content in today’s entertainment media industry. The five-semester, bi-coastal program spans the College of Communication, Questrom School of Business and Boston University’s Los Angeles program. The program takes about two years to complete and students must complete at least 40 credits at Questrom and 40 credits at COM.

MBA/MA in Economics

Questrom’s MBA & Master of Arts in Economics is offered as a joint degree by Questrom and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS). This program is offered both full-time and part-time, and can be completed in five semesters if pursued full-time. Students typically register for two semesters in Questrom, followed by three semesters cross-registered in both GRS and Questrom. Students who graduate from the MBA & Master of Arts in Economics dual degree program often go on to enjoy careers in investment banking, management, strategy, consulting, quantitative analysis, Third World development, environmental policy and public sector work.

Prospective MBAs applying as part-time students for the MBA & MA in Economics program should take note that many economics classes are only available during the day. Incoming students are also advised to take two economics core courses per semester in the normal sequence (EC501 and EC507 in the first semester and EC502 and EC508 in the second) and attempt the first available offering of the MA Comprehensive Exam upon completion of these courses. Students who do not get these core courses done may find difficulty earning their MA degree in a timely manner.

MBA/MA in International Relations

Questrom’s MBA & Master of Arts in International Relations (MBA & MA in IR) is offered as a joint degree by Questrom and BU’s Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies. This program is offered both full-time and part-time, and can be completed in five semesters if pursued full-time. The dual degree is designed for prospective MBAs who also want an in-depth understanding of the geopolitical environment and is perfect for students seeking careers in administrative management (corporate or nonprofit), consulting or international banking.

According to Questrom, students spend their first semester and most or all of their second semester taking management courses at Questrom. Students must complete 80 full-time credits (or 72 part-time) to earn the MBA & MA in IR, including 32 credits toward the MA in IR and 40 credits toward the MBA. The remaining eight full-time credits required for the degree are free electives and can be chosen from the graduate-level course offerings of either Questrom or the Pardee School. The 32 master’s credits include a core of three courses, five IR electives, a language requirement and a research or policy paper and oral defense thereof.

However, students who would like to complete the program on a part-time basis must noted that many Pardee School classes are only available during the day.

MBA/MS in Manufacturing Engineering

Questrom also offers an MBA & Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering—a joint degree by the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Questrom School of Business. Students enrolled in the program study the latest manufacturing innovations in information processing, materials, devices, systems, process controls and management science.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has established four core areas of study for the program: Manufacturing or Dynamic Systems Theory, Design and Control in Manufacturing Processes, Manufacturing Management and Engineered Materials. All students must successfully complete at least one course in three of the four core areas to satisfy the core requirement. In addition, they must complete two courses from one of six Mechanical Engineering concentration areas.

According to Questrom, students must successfully complete 80 full-time credits (72 part-time) and meet the requirements of each degree, including 32 credits at Questrom and 36 at the College of Engineering (ENG). The remaining four credits are free electives that can be completed at either school.

MBA+ MS in Digital innovation

Questrom recently retooled its MS/MBA in Information Systems into a new MBA + MS in Digital innovation (MBA + MSDi). This new joint degree program can be completed in just 21 months.

The 84-credit curriculum features a 34-credit core and an internship component, and focuses on contemporary business perspectives and issues, collaboration, teamwork, and entrepreneurial skills. According to Questrom, the MBA + MSDi curriculum fuses traditional management coursework with expertise in the IT systems that have changed organizational strategies and operations, providing the tools for leading businesses in the network era.


For those feeling particularly adventurous, a Health Sector MBA & Doctor of Medicine (MBA & MD) is offered as a joint degree by Questrom and Boston University School of Medicine.

This program is for MD students who are interested in the business aspects of medicine. Students must complete the first three years of the Medical School curriculum before spending their fourth year fully integrated at Questrom within the Health Sector MBA program. In the fifth year of the program, students complete their remaining medical courses and seven management course credits at Questrom.

According to Questrom, students in the joint degree program are required to do a 400-hour field placement in a health sector organization, which is typically achieved during free blocks in the student’s final year at the School of Medicine. The summer internship helps you develop connections and expertise that are crucial for your career search.

MBA in Health Sector Management/MPH

Lastly, Questrom’s Health Sector MBA & Master of Public Health (MBA & MPH) is administered jointly by the School of Public Health (SPH) and the Questrom School of Business. The rigorous programs builds a solid foundation in both management and public health in an integrated, structured curriculum that focuses on the US health care system.

The MBA & MPH joint degree requires completion of a total of 82 credits: 42 from Questrom and 40 credits from SPH. Eight credits from Questrom apply as approved electives to SPH and four credits are shared between the two schools. The coursework provides prospective MBAs with the skills and knowledge necessary to formulate sound, innovative solutions to complex problems in the health care system.


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