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Methods of faster and more efficient widespread communication have lead to worldwide interconnectivity. This unprecedented economic interdependence means the skills that are in demand are rapidly changing. In a globalized world, international business experience may be just the thing to give you the competitive edge in the job market. For those of you interested in gaining that edge, we’ve outlined four of the best Atlanta international MBA programs.

The Best Atlanta International MBA Programs

J. Mack Robinson College of Business—Georgia State University

Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business offers an Executive MBA program that affords students the opportunity to seize executive residencies in Asia, Latin America and Silicon Valley. Executive MBA students are required to travel to Thailand and Vietnam for 12 days, during which they will visit multinational companies and experience unique cultural events. Trips to Cuba/Colombia and Silicon Valley are optional. These residencies expose students to different economies and businesses, so that they can expand their understanding of business practices and gain a new level of cultural fluency that will aid them in the working world. Robinson EMBA’s have gone on to use their educations to help grow impressive corporations like the Coco-Cola Company and General Electric.

Michael J. Coles College of Business—Kennesaw State University

The Executive MBA program at Michael J. Coles College of Business has a feature that allows students to participate in an international residency during their second year. In previous years, students have gone to locations like Peru, Singapore and Romania. Coles’s international residencies are unique, in that they offer a consulting component. In addition to providing a marketable skill, the global consulting experience is a truly special addition to students’ resumes.

Scheller College of Business—Georgia Institute of Technology

Scheller College of Business boasts a global mindset, and has, in fact, one of the country’s 17 CIBER centers (Centers for International Business Education and Research), awarded for excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. The CIBER center is a valuable resource for students who wish to gain an understanding of the global economy. The center provides options like language training and international student and faculty exchanges. Scheller’s Executive MBA program offers an MBA in Global Business. Scheller’s MBA includes courses that incorporate international travel into their makeup. Full-time and Evening MBA’s have the option of earning a certificate in International Management.

Goizueta Business School – Emory University

The Goizueta Business School at Emory University, one of the city’s most celebrated academic institutions, offers a plethora of international exploration with its MBA program. Students in the program have the option to join staff on international expenditures during mid-semester, often traveling to locations like China, Nicaragua and numerous other locations in South America, Africa and Asia. Several programs courses, such as Information and Global Capital Markets, teach students how to handle differing international markets like oil and gas. And in classes like Multinational Firms & Strategy, students can expect to “explore the design and control systems of multinational enterprises and the management of a multicultural workforce. Even without going abroad, students can broaden their knowledge of international business,” according to Goizueta.

Terry College of Business—University of Georgia

For students looking for an immersive abroad MBA experience, Terry College of Business provides an international residency opportunity. Terry’s international residency is included in its Executive MBA program, and involves nearly two weeks abroad. Students spend the 12 days absorbing lectures from international business experts and a variety of guest speakers, site visits to country-specific businesses, cultural tours and receptions. The program features places like Germany, Spain and South America, whose economic policies are vastly different from those in the United States. Alumni have said the international residency was one of the best and most challenging aspects of their education. According to EMBA alumnus, Donna Hall, “The international residency program really gives you perspective … it gives you a much better idea of how business is done globally differently than it’s done in the United States.”


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