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Atlanta Accelerated MBA

Most folks pursuing an accelerated MBA know which industry or area of concentration they want to pursue. They are MBA candidates who want to advance their current careers, not switch them. Others choose the accelerated route because it can be difficult to leave two years of work and salary.

If you’re a prospective MBA in the Atlanta metro looking to make moves within your industry, we’ll show you what accelerated MBA options are out there for you.

Who Pursues Accelerated MBA Programs?

According to U.S. News & World Report, accelerated MBA programs appeal to prospective MBAs who want to continue working in the same industry, but want to move into a higher position. Many of these folks want to save time and money, as well as a faster return-on-investment from their graduate degree.

Many of these programs condense a semester’s worth of core business courses into only a few weeks, so most incoming students enter with a strong base of business knowledge. Accelerated programs do not feature a summer internship. This means that accelerated MBAs do not offer the same career opportunities that a full-time program does.

Accelerated programs have been popular in Europe for years, but have grown in popularity stateside over the past five years. Not all business schools offer an Accelerated MBA, but a handful of top schools do, including:

The Best Atlanta Accelerated MBA Offerings

Atlanta is the capital and most populous city in state of Georgia, with an estimated population of more than 470,000. The Atlanta metro is home to more than 5.7 million people, making it the ninth-largest metropolitan area in the country. Founded in 1837, Atlanta literally rose from the ashes of the American Civil War to become a center of commerce in the United States.

Today, Atlanta ranks among the most productive cities in the world with a gross domestic product of $270 billion. The metro’s diverse economy is made strong thanks to dominant sectors, including logistics, professional and business services, media operations, and information technology.

Altanta, #ATL, is home to some of the country’s premier business schools, some of which offer Accelerated MBA programs:

Goizueta Business School – Emory University

According to Emory University, the Goizueta One-Year MBA program was specifically created for students who don’t find summer internships critical. The program still provides the full MBA experience, but allows students to continue their careers.

Students freshen up on fundamental business concepts in the “Summer Experience” portion of the one-year MBA. They then take elective courses that focus on one of 15 specific paths, all of which fit within the primary five academic areas the school specializes in: accounting, finance, information systems & operations management, marketing, and organization & management. In lieu of Summer Internships, One-Year MBAs participate in shorter educational trips.

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One-year students pay about $89,500, but this doesn’t include things like living expenses, textbooks, and other fees. The university estimates that, after additional costs are factored in, one-year students will pay $126,211.

J. Mack Robinson School of Business

The Georgia State University Executive MBA is a part-time, 17-month experience. Designed for those with greater work experience and several years spent in management-level positions, the cohort program allows students to complete their MBA without interrupting their career. Classes are held every other weekend.

The program kicks off with a full-day accounting refresher course and a three-day introduction to executive management course. The core curriculum includes management seminars, enterprise courses, and a two-week international business residency at the end of the program. Students may also take optional seminars and workshops in topics related to their career paths.

The tuition for the program is $69,500 for in-state residents and $74,500 for non-residents. This includes an iPad, fees, books and materials, hotel and meals for the three-day residency at the program’s start, membership to the World Affairs Council and MIT Enterprise Forum of Atlanta, and other costs.

Scheller College of Business

The Executive MBA program has two elective tracks, which enable the student to complete the program in about 17 months. The program is intended for prospective MBAs with ample work experience and several years in management-level positions. The cost of tuition for the Georgia Tech Executive MBA program is $79,000. Tuition includes required books, materials, parking and meals, as well as other periodic costs and fees.

This program focuses most on executive management and strategic skills for longer-term professionals. Students start out with 14 traditional MBA courses, each emphasizing the skills most relevant to managers. Students then select one of two elective tracks: Global Business and Management of Technology. Each track has nine courses, the last three of which involve completing a capstone project. A two-week international residency is also required in order to graduate.

Eugene W. Stetson School of Business – Mercer University

Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics offers a one-year (10-12 months) full-time MBA program. The cohort-based program requires no work experience, so it is a good fit for recent college grads and those looking to start a new career. Classes are held during the day four days a week, and the fall and spring semesters are split into eight-week sessions.

Meanwhile, Stetson’s Professional MBA Program has a duration of 16 months and is a more traditional accelerated program for working people. The program is taught by professors who have substantial experience in business as well as in academia, with each bringing extensive academic, corporate and entrepreneurial experience into each classroom.

According to Mercer University, the Professional MBA features:

  • Relevant professional experience requirement for candidates
  • GMAT score waiver available for qualified applicant experience
  • Accelerated 16-month program with January start date
  • Cohort model that fosters collaboration and networking
  • Saturday classes every two weeks
  • Three class retreats covering specific business topics
  • Week-long business residency in a major business market

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