5 Questions With University of Georgia Admissions

UGA Terry MBA Admissions

In the newest installment of the MetromBA “5 Questions” series, we speak with Patricia D. Zettek, Ph.D., Director of the Full-Time MBA Career Management Center at the University of Georgia Terry College of Business, and Deirdre Kane, Director of Full-Time MBA Admissions about the UGA experience, Southern culture, and more.

What is something unique about the Terry College of Business MBA experience that people may not expect?

“Candidates to our program are most often surprised by three main things:

1.) Our flexible curriculum
2.) Our personalized and customized approach to supporting our students, academically and professionally
3.) Our welcoming and diverse program culture.

We have years of experience and the strength and size of our alumni network (310,000 and counting) to support our students in being successful while in the program and after they graduate. Our career management staff knows our students well and this one-on-one attention makes a big difference by the end of the program. Students learn and practice skills they need to land their next job or internship, and also to manage their careers throughout their lives. Faculty get to know the students, and truly take an interest in their success.”

What kind of student is the ideal Terry College of Business MBA?

“We look for humility, self-awareness and the willingness to learn new things about themselves—people who have experienced a setback or two—and learned from it. The ideal candidate for the Georgia MBA program has more than just the great test scores and GPAs sought by all full-time MBA programs, we look for the students that demonstrate a roll up the sleeves and get things done attitude. These are the people who do well here.”

What do you find business school applicants often overlook during the pre-MBA process?

“I think some people limit their choices by looking only at certain things, rather than the whole picture. They may focus tightly on one factor—school rank, tuition cost, employer relationships, average salary—rather than fully thinking through what they want and need from their MBA experience. Visiting campuses, talking to current students and meeting members of the staff could offer a very different view than the one that takes into account only one or two factors. MBA programs vary widely and there is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Find a few that fit your needs and go after them.”

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“We look for humility, self-awareness and the willingness to learn new things about themselves—people who have experienced a setback or two—and learned from it” – Patricia D. Zettek, Ph.D. and Deirdre Kane

What do you find most business schools are lacking?

“Lacking is a pretty strong word. I consider business school an excellent investment in a candidate’s future. I understand why you might ask though, because if you listen to the media, the MBA has been dying out since the 1940s, but that’s just not true! There continues to be a need for professionals trained to understand the complexities of our business environment and committed to doing things right. Overall MBA programs and program staff are committed to the success of their students and genuinely interested in providing their students with the best experience and the best opportunities.”

What is your favorite restaurant near UGA?

“I think Athens is one of the South’s most underrated food cities. We’re known for music and football, but not until recently have we been noticed for our food scene. Thanks to chefs like Hugh Acheson, who calls Athens home, we have many farm to table gems, like Last Resort Grill, The National, home.made, and Heirloom Café. And everyone should check out Weaver D’s, Ted’s Most Best, Clocked, The Grit, Taziki’s, and Viva Argentine! The list is long and there is something for everyone!”

KB_fall-oct-dinner-LR-hot chicken.jpg

Southern-inspired specialties are abound in Athens, Georgia, including at home.made, founded by New Orleans-born chef Mimi Maumus – Photo via

For more information on the UGA Terry MBA admissions, click here.


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