School vs. School: FSU vs Miami

Florida’s reputation as a sunburnt smorgasbord of vacationers, beach bodies, and retirees belies the ethnic, cultural, political, and geographic diversity within and between the state’s various regions. Simply put, there are many distinctions to be made from place to place and Florida’s institutions of higher learning are no exception. For aspiring business leaders, the choice of where to matriculate is a major factor to consider when deciding on a school.

Case in point: FSU vs Miami—two business schools at nearly opposite ends of the Sunshine State.

Founded in 1929, Miami Business School is located just southwest of downtown Miami at the University of Miami in the City of Coral Gables. AACSB-accredited MBS reports a student body of 900 graduate students who, “… come from nearly every U.S. state and nearly 90 countries.” With annual total tuition and fees totaling $77,256 (for two-year full-time students), MBS offers the following programs:

  • Full and Part-time MBAs with traditional two-year and accelerated options
  • Global Executive MBAs
  • Professional MBA with an online option
  • Dual MBA degree
  • Specialized Masters
  • Doctoral
  • Executive Certificate

Why Miami Business School?

  • Many opportunities to access experiential, real-world learning, including the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (UMAP) and the Student Managed Investment Fund
  • Global focus and international learning opportunities, such as access to the UM Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), Global Learning Opportunities in Business (GLOBE), and Global Business Consulting
  • Stand-out learning and research resources in Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Management, and Real Estate
  • Wide range of degrees and certificate options, giving students with various needs many options from which to choose.

What’s Missing?

Possibly the most notable absence from the MBS MBA is easy access to certain statistical data, such as admissions stats, student body demographics, and average base salary following graduation. U.S. News & World Report notes the “school refused to fill out the U.S. News statistical survey.”

fsu vs miami

Few schools in the United States can match the number of MBA programs offered by the University of Miami Business School.

Founded in 1950, the Florida State University College of Business is located in Tallahassee, the state capital and the largest city in the Florida Panhandle.

FSU is AACSB-accredited and currently enrolls 690 graduate students—the majority of whom are enrolled in the part-time MBA program.

With an annual in-state tuition and fees totaling $11,553 and out-of-state tuition and fees totaling $25,985 for its MBA, FSU offers the following programs:

  • Full-time accelerated and Part-time online or evening MBA
  • Specialized Masters
  • Online Degrees
  • Combined Pathways (dual degree programs)
  • D. Program

Why the FSU College of Business?

What’s Missing?

With a reported 72 percent male student population, gender diversity is low compared to many of FSU’s high-ranking peer institutions. Also, return on investment is more modest for students opting for a longer course of study, which raises the cost of education significantly compared to the accelerated MBA option.

fsu vs miami

Those seeking to avoid taking the GMAT/GRE may be more inclined to enroll in the FSU College of Business, which offers waivers to select students.

FSU vs Miami: Conclusion

Both schools hold AACSB accreditation and offer a wide variety of programs. However, a clear comparison is somewhat difficult given the relatively little statistical information readily available on Miami Business School. Nevertheless, certain MBS MBA programs are heralded while FSU is, by comparison, is one of the highest-ranked MBA programs in the state. Those seeking a more diverse array of degree options may find Miami a more suitable option. However, when cost comes into the equation, the scale may tilt ever-so slightly in FSU’s favor.


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