List of Highest Paying Jobs in Philadelphia Confirms Value of the MBA

Philadelphia Business Journal unveiled the Top Fifty Highest Paying Jobs in Philadelphia yesterday. The rankings come from information obtained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bulk of these top paying jobs require graduate-level training; nearly half require business education. Prospective MBA applicants in the Philadelphia metro have another quantifiable reason to feel confident about investing in MBA study.

The list also provides a clearer sense of the salary level Philly professionals might expect when choosing an MBA concentration or specialization. The good news? For a city with a lower cost of living than places like New York City or Washington, DC, all of these jobs offer pretty great monetary perks.

Here are the jobs on the list that an MBA graduate might hold:

Number 44: Industrial Production Manager—Average Salary: $109,010.

Number 42: Education Administrators—Average Salary: $109,080.

Number 36: Administration Services Manger—Average Salary: $112,050.

Number 33: Managers—Average Salary: $118,640.

Number 31: Higher Education Administrators—Average Salary: $123,950.

Number 28: Compensation Manager—Average Salary: $125,240.

Number 27: Purchasing Manager—Average Salary: $126,460.

Number 25: Training and Development Manager—Average Salary: $128,530.

Number 23: Sales Manager—Average Salary: $136,530.

Number 22: Human Resource Manager—Average Salary: $136,810.

Number 21: Operations Manager—Average Salary: $139,980.

Number 20: Financial Manager—Average Salary: $140,610.

Number 16: Marketing Manager—Average Salary: $149,870.

Number 15: Advertising Manager—Average Salary: $154,360.

And let’s not forget:

Number 5: Chief Executive—Average Salary: $203,990.

If  you’re thinking to yourself “that’s just a lot of different types of managers,” you’re entirely correct. One of the most important skills imparted by an MBA is the ability to manage both projects and people. That is an important and, as you can see, highly remunerative skill that applies across industries.



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