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Tepper School of Business – Carnegie Mellon University


The Tepper School of Business lives at the heart of Carnegie Mellon University, guided by a mission to transform the world, pioneering and innovating at the intersection of business, technology, and analytics.

The Tepper School offers a future-focused business school experience, tailored for the complexity of today’s marketplace. Where others see challenges, we see opportunity. Always looking ahead, we are consistently moving the world forward with innovative ideas, creative solutions, and new approaches.

Today, more than ever, the world of business is transformed by technological innovation, the ubiquity of data, and the application of advanced analytics. The Tepper School and Carnegie Mellon have long been renowned for research and teaching that doesn’t simply keep pace with business practice but forges ahead, powerfully transforming the way organizations compete and lead.

Entrepreneurial by nature, we are a community of passionate breakthrough builders who rise above to envision and create. Our campus is one of convergence, overlap, and exchange, bringing disciplines together to solve challenges, big and small. Here, students receive the knowledge, skills, and agility to confront any challenge and lead with confidence. We imagine what is possible and act with passion.

Our strategy: Be the business school of the future.


The Tepper School of Business is housed in the Tepper Quad—an innovation hub situated at the center of Carnegie Mellon’s campus where business school students access the top-ranked intellectual, creative, research, and technological experts from throughout campus. From engineering, robotics, and computer science to design, entertainment, and public policy, the Tepper Quad is a thoroughfare of academic pursuits, career possibilities, and enterprising students spanning the university.

Student Body

The Tepper School of Business enrolls 236 full-time MBA students and 71 part-time MBA students..

Tepper School MBA Degree Offerings

Tepper offers a traditional full-time MBA program, as well as a Part-Time Online Hybrid MBA, and a Part-Time Flex MBA.

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Tepper School Career Services for Online MBA Students

Tepper School Online Hybrid MBA students have access to the same career resources as our full-time students. Our top-ranked Masters Career Center provides career coaching from seasoned professionals and access to on-campus recruiting, corporate presentations, and connections to top jobs at premier companies.

Coronavirus Ask Me Anything With Dr. Amesh Adalja, Johns Hopkins Senior Scholar, Tepper Alumnus

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread around the world and changed our lives as we know it. The Carnegie Mellon Tepper Healthcare Club hosted this virtual Ask Me Anything with Dr. Amesh Adalja (Tepper alumnus, Johns Hopkins Senior Scholar, and Pittsburgh local) to discuss the ongoing pandemic. Dr. Adalja is an infectious disease specialist who has developed government guidelines for similar disease outbreaks in the past and has been featured heavily on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News to discuss the novel coronavirus. Hosted by the Tepper Healthcare Club (

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