Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Launch Scholarship Fund

The Wharton Health Care Management Alumni Association just launched a new scholarship fund for the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School at their annual conference. The scholarship will be named for June Kinney, who has been part of the Wharton School since 1981, and is the Associate Director of Wharton’s Health Care Management program. At the official launch, a member of the scholarship’s steering committee announced that the committee had already raised $280,000 from thirty two Wharton alumni, bringing them more than halfway to the $500,000 goal for the fund.

The Kinney Scholarship joins the existing Kissick scholarship at Wharton. However, while the Kissick is given to students who have already spent time at the business school, the Kinney will be offered to students who have yet to decide which business school they will attend. When explaining the decision to offer the scholarship to potential Wharton students instead of current students, Kinney noted: “It is a symbol of our community that sends a message to the applicant pool and to our constituency that there is a strong, powerful alumni network here willing to give to this kind of thing.”

This is not Kinney’s first honor in 2013. Last April, the Business School Alliance for Health Management (BAHM) honored Kinney by making her the namesake of their new national educator. The “June Kinney Achievement Award” is meant to honor an educator for advancing business education in health care delivery and supporting students in learning how to deal with innovation challenges in health management. Kinney was the inaugural recipient of the award.


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