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The University of California Berkeley’s Haas School of Business has reached a distribution agreement with Harvard Business Publishing to publish The Berkeley-Haas Case Series. The case studies aim to draw lessons for success from disruptive trends and unconventional management strategies. Twenty Berkeley-Haas cases have already been launched on the Harvard Business School Publishing website, and Haas representatives plan to add 10 to 15 new cases to the site each year.

The Berkeley-Haas Case Series is produced by the staff of the Haas School’s quarterly management publication, the California Management Review. Some of the cases within the series draw on lessons from Haas’ applied innovation experiential learning courses.

Here are a few examples of the newly available case studies:

“Genentech. . . Culture Change to Drive Business Results” explores how a senior vice president merged four franchises by changing company culture.

“Zoosk: Pivoting to Win the Dating Game” analyzes the startup launch of the romantic social network Zoosk and how a response to changing external factors changed the future of the company.

“Alphabet Energy: Thermoelectrics and Market Energy” examines a startup company’s search to determine the right market for its new technology that turns heat into electricity.

“Netflix: Pricing Decision 2011” explores Netflix’s decision to split its DVD subscription and online streaming services.

In a recent Businessweek article, Patrick Clark observes that the new case studies give Haas the chance to connect itself to company culture in the Bay Area in the minds of prospective students.  According to the article, Haas Dean Richard Lyons observed that schools that are identified with Silicon Valley are appealing to prospective students, since technology is reshaping the business world.


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