San Francisco MBA Programs That Don’t Require Work Experience

It’s true that most traditional full-time MBA programs look for candidates who have demonstrated leadership and success in professional positions. But, just as many MBA programs don’t require the GRE or GMAT examsmany business schools are willing to consider applicants with limited or no prior professional experience. We’ve compiled a list of these schools in your metro below. Click on a program profile below to see if you meet the eligibility requirements for that program.

Edward S. Ageno School of Business – Golden Gate University

While students enter with an average of 3 years work experience, none is required for the Traditional Weekend and Evening MBA Program.

F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business – Babson College San Francisco

The Blended Learning MBA does not require work experience.

Haas School of Business – UC Berkeley

Although no work experience is required, the admissions committee suggests a minimum of two years before applying.

Leavy School of Business – Santa Clara University

The Emerging Professionals MBA is suggested for applicants with 3 years or less of professional work experience.

Lucas Graduate School of Business – San Jose State University

No minimum is required or suggested in order to be considered for admission.

San Francisco State University College of Business

Three years of experience are recommended, but not required in order to apply.

Stanford University Graduate School of Business

The Stanford admissions committee doesn’t set a minimum requirement of work experience, and instead takes a holistic view of the candidate’s background, experience and initiative.

UC Davis Graduate School of Management

While the school states that work experience is valuable to consider, it is not required in order to apply.

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