University of Delaware Alum Launch New App

A new iPhone application called Anniversary, is the brainchild of 2013 University of Delaware graduates Benjamin Klein and Kenneth Wallach. Anniversary takes the instant gratification of today’s social media and turns it on its head.

The app is like an Instagram that’s not instant, a Facebook post that can’t be “liked” or a Twitter comment that can’t be re-tweeted. That’s the idea behind Anniversary, a new iPhone application that allows users to privately surprise their friends and family with digitally gift-wrapped photos and videos delivered on a future date.

The app works like this, you capture the moment but you don’t want to share it, not yet, anyway. Instead, you tag your friends and set a delivery date in the future, where they’ll unwrap a surprise photo or video from you and get to relive the memory all over again.

This idea for Anniversary came to Wallach in June 2012, when he was spending time with friends and realized they had all been together at their high school prom at exactly that date and time three years ago.

Recalling a moment when one friend lost her date to the dessert table, Wallach wished he could recapture that image and share it with his friends.

Klein and Wallach participated in Hen Hatch, UD’s premier startup funding competition run through the Horn Program in Entrepreneurship. The pair say that it played a key role in preparing them for what it would take to get Anniversary off the ground.

With its early success, Anniversary has become a full-time endeavor for Klein and Wallach, and they are putting those learned skills to use.


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Erin Purcell

Staff Writer, covering MetroMBA's news beat for New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

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