Rady School Full-Time MBA Ranked 1st in San Diego by Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek ranked the full-time MBA program at UC San Diego’s Rady School of Management 1st in San Diego. Rady School’s full-time MBA program was the only program in San Diego to receive a ranking from Businessweek. Overall, it was ranked 6th in California and 65th nationally.

Robert S. Sullivan, the dean of Rady School of Management, said, “The Bloomberg Businessweek ranking represents the quality of experience of all constituents, including students, alumni, and employers.”

The Bloomberg rankings were distilled based on five key elements:

  • Employee Survey: Making up 35% of the total score, the survey garnered recruiter feedback on the skills they look for in an MBA, as well as which school best equip their students with those same skills.
  • Alumni Survey: Accounting for 30% of the score, the survey interviewed the 2007, 2008, and 2009 class alumni to discover how their MBAs affected their careers, compensation, and midcareer satisfaction.
  • Student Survey: 15% of the score was made up of information based on the 2015 class’s take on academics, career services, campus climate, and more.
  • Job Placement Rate: Making up 10% of the score, the survey collected the most recent data on how many MBAs gained full-time employment within three months of graduation.
  • Starting Salary: Accounting for the final 10% of the score, the survey garnered the most recent data on how much MBAs make in their first jobs after graduation.

The 2015 Bloomberg Businessweek survey was the most comprehensive survey to date. It gathered information from more than 13,150 current students, 18,450 alumni, and 1,460 recruiters. The Rady School of Management placed best in their Student Survey and Job Placement ranks, achieving 49th and 50th place overall.

The Rady School of Management’s MBA program is tailored to professionals who have an interest in innovation and entrepreneurship. In fact, alumni and students have founded 77 startup companies currently in business, and in 2014, Businessweek ranked Rady’s full-time MBA program first in Intellectual Capital. It provides students with inspiration, business acumen, and the skills necessary to address the challenges innovated companies face now and in the future.


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