SDSU Celebrates Raising $750 Mil. in 2016


2016 was a great year for San Diego State University. Not only did the university reach many remarkable academic achievements, but they also reached their fundraising goal of $750 million for the year. The final push over the top came as a result of Ron and Alexis Fowler’s $25 million gift to SDSU on October 26, 2016. But that was only one of thousands of donors who made the $750 million campaign goal possible.

“Reaching the goal is satisfying, but even more so is the groundswell of support from alumni, friends and the campus community that made the campaign a success,” the university stated in a news story. In fact, more than 47,000 donors, including 7,500 students and graduates, were responsible for giving to the university, and gifts came in all shapes in sizes. Donors gave to support scholarships, research, student success activities, athletics, academics, and more.

The campaign to reach $750 million began back in 2007. It started as an effort to generate philanthropic support for SDSU students, faculty, staff and programs. Since then, the SDSU campus has been transformed physically and programmatically thanks to nearly 68,000 donors—120 of whom gave gifts of $1 million or more.

“We are grateful to all the alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students who supported The Campaign for SDSU,” said Mary Ruth Carleton, vice president for University Relations and Development. “This is a remarkable achievement for the university, and it strengthens our efforts to become a top 50 national public university.”

And while the Fowlers’ gift was the largest of the campaign—and responsible for the renaming of the Business School—it wasn’t the only philanthropic highlight. On October 25th, The Great Give, a 24-hour online event, raised nearly $140,000 from more than 700 individuals. And, earlier in the year, Scripps Cottage—a campus landmark—was renovated with support from Bill Scripps and SDSU’s Associated Students.


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