Meet Two Standout University of San Diego School of Business Professors

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Great business professors can completely change your MBA experience. That’s why so many of the top university rankings take a close look at the faculty and staff. Well, there’s good news for MBA students at the University of San Diego School of Business, recently two professors were featured in articles outside of the school: Mary Long, the Managing Director of the Supply Chain Management Institute, and Jennifer Mueller, an Associate Professor of Management.

Mary Long

Recently, Mary Long was featured in an issue of the San Diego Business Journal. The article outlined her impressive career “overseeing transportation, logistics and supply chain issues for big businesses such as Campbell’s Soup Co., General Mills, and Pepsi Co.” It also touched on her teaching methods and the difference between classroom theory and the real world.

“My experience has been that students benefit the most when they go to a facility where a product is made, because it helps them wrap their head around the interconnected flows that are required to make and move that,” she told the San Diego Business Journal. “I think it also gives them insight. They’re kind of seeing behind the curtains. And when they do that, inevitably they see things that make them say, ‘huh!’”

Long’s career includes 15 different supply chain roles as well as serving on the advisory board for AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain, Operations, Management and Education). To learn more, check out her top story on the school website.

Jennifer Mueller

Both Forbes and 800 CEO Read recognized Professor Mueller for her new book, Creative Change: Why We Resist It…How We Can Embrace It. Her book, which was released in January, examines why corporate CEOs, top executives and other business leaders say they want creativity yet simultaneously reject creative solutions to embrace the familiar.

Within her book, she identifies solutions to the problem of creativity including:

  • A four-step process to recognized creative opportunity.
  • An idea-pitching framework to overcome the status quo.
  • Organizational levers to disrupt cultural beliefs holding your company back.

Outside of her book, Mueller teaches classes at the undergraduate and MBA level focused on organizational behavior and leadership. To learn more, check out her full press release from the university.


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