Drexel Researchers to Bring New Drugs to Investment Forum

Drexel Research

On May 16 and 17, three biopharmaceutical startups that include Drexel University researchers will showcase their products during the Coulter Investment Forum in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Context Therapeutics, Kerberos Biopharma and PolyCore Therapeutics will be trying to catch the interest of venture capitalists and other investors.

All three of these companies owe some of their progress to funding from the Coulter-Drexel Translational Research Partnership Program. The program gives grants, guidance and support to academics aiming to market their invention. This resource might exemplify the future of commercializing innovation.

According to Olimpia Meucci, MD, PhD, chair of the College of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology and Physiology and head of Kerberos Biopharma, “There is a general understanding in the scientific community that the collaboration between academia and the private sector has to be more than what it has been in the past; Drexel is really at the forefront … with its strong support of entrepreneurial pursuits.”

The products presented at the forum will include exciting new treatments. Context Therapies has developed a drug that targets Sigma1, a protein in androgen receptors that is partially responsible for the spread of Prostate Cancer cells.

Kerberos Biopharma has engineered a drug that may more effectively treat and contain metastatic breast cancer. Research indicates this drug may be far safer than chemotherapy, since, instead of killing cancer cells directly, it prevents them from spreading.

Polycore Therapeutics has configured a drug that may be able to treat Parkinson’s with far fewer long-term side effects than the standard, L-DOPA.

The 2017 Coulter Investment Forum brings angel investors and venture capital firms to view exhibits and presentations from startup founders. The event also includes a networking dinner reception. The event will include over 60 science and tech companies.


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