Finding An Affordable San Francisco MBA

Affordable San Francisco MBA

Students pursuing an MBA have a lot to look forward to upon graduation: More job opportunities, an extensive network and the skills to navigate the changing marketplace. Unfortunately, many MBA students also leave school weighed down by debt, and unable to freely start their careers. Particularly for students living in cities like San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. to live, finding an affordable program is a top priority. That’s why we’ve laid out the most affordable San Francisco MBA programs.

Haas School of Business – UC Berkeley

Berkely’s Haas School of Business offers a quality MBA education at a more affordable cost than many of its equally prestigious counterparts. The cost of tuition for the full-time program is $58,772 for California residents and $59,739 for non-residents. Berkeley’s prestige also creates a draw for recruiters from top companies like Apple, Facebook and Goldman Sachs & Co., so the ROI for this education is significant. Haas also boasts a stellar faculty. Students will have an opportunity to work with academic giants like Haas Professor Oliver Williamson, who received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2009. Haas also offers students the opportunity to gain a global perspective via their study abroad program. Students have the option of studying in places like Hong Kong, Barcelona and London.

Lucas Graduate School of Business – San Jose State University

San Jose State University’s Lucas Graduate School of Business is a cost-effective option for many reasons. The full-time is program reasonably-priced, at $32,721 for California residents and $49,350 for out-of-state students. Lucas also offers an MBA for Professionals program that is specifically designed to allow pupils to maintain a nine to five job while attending classes. This track costs $35,700. The full-time program is suited to students with less than five years of work experience, but those with significant work experience can choose the MBA for Professionals, and offset the cost of their education by continuing to work full time. Though Lucas welcomes aspiring MBAs with a variety of interests, the school specializes in aiding students motivated to pursue a career with the multitude of tech companies in the Silicon Valley.

UC Davis Graduate School of Management

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s full-time MBA program costs $38,836 for Californian residents and $51,081 for those coming from out-of-state. UC Davis offers a desirable MBA education without the astronomical costs. In fact, 90 percent of incoming MBAs receive a scholarship or fellowship to help lighten the financial burden of their education. The school has also been ranked in U.S. News & World Report’s top 50 business schools for 22 consecutive years. Getting a job right out of school can be stressful for students who have just invested a significant amount of time and money in their education, but an impressive 94 percent of UC Davis grads find job placement within three months of graduation.


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