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Rice University – Jones Graduate School of Business

Rice University Professional MBA Program Structure

The Rice Professional MBA is a flexible program that offers an evening or weekend option to allow students to maintain their current work schedules. Students following either of the program structures must complete 54 credit hours and will complete their MBA degree in 22 months. The traditional professional MBA is held in a lock-step format. There is also an option to complete an Extended Professional MBA program, which holds classes two evenings a week during the first semester and one evening a week after that. Students in this program can extend their education for three years or more, up to five, in order to better fit with their schedule.


Students in Rice University’s Evening Professional MBA program will take 12 credits in the first semester, 16.5 credits in the spring of the first year, 12 credits in the fall of the second year and 13.5 credits in the spring of the second year. Students in the Weekend Professional MBA program will take 14.25 credits in the first fall semester, 13.5 in the first spring, 14.25 credits in the second fall semester, and 12 credits in the last spring semester.

Both program structures feature two mandatory six-day Immersions. Students will take part in a variety of career development and academic workshop opportunities, as well as team-building exercises. They will also begin their classes.

Evening students do their Immersion in July before the first year starts and in March of the second year. Weekend students will do their Immersion in July before each year starts.

Just like the full-time program, during the first year of the Rice University MBA for Professionals students will participate in the core courses required to build a foundation in business and management and the second year will feature student-selected electives. Students in the Professional MBA program at Rice are not able to complete a concentration.

Class Profile

The 2019 Professional MBA program class consists of 187 incoming students. Sixty-four of those students participated in the weekend structure and 123 participated in the evening program structure. The average GMAT score of students in this class was 636, with an average 3.23 GPA. Students had an average work experience of just less than seven years and earned an average of $100,590. There were 135 different companies represented in this class.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The current tuition cost is $104,500 for the Evening and Evening Extended programs and $109,500 for the Weekend program. The tuition covers the complete 22-month schedule of coursework and is billed in 25 percent increments over four semesters. An enrollment deposit of $2,500 is due upon acceptance and will be applied toward your first semester bill. Many students supplement their tuition costs through company financial support. Students may also cover tuition costs with Federal Financial Aid, Federal Student Loans, and private loans.

Admissions Procedures

In order to be considered for admission at the Jones Graduate School of Business, applicants must complete the following steps:

Complete an online application, two required personal essays and an optional third, a professional resume, and official test scores submitted to Rice University (GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, or PTE Academic).
Applicants are also required to provide one confidential evaluation submitted to the admissions office provided that this one evaluation is from the applicant’s current, direct supervisor. If this one evaluation is not from a current supervisor, applicants are required to submit two confidential evaluations. Applicants also need to provide official transcripts of all degree-granting institutions.

There is a $200 application fee payable online or by check.

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