Looking For Dual MBA Degrees at Chicago Booth

As a prospective or current MBA student, you probably already know that an MBA education provides a broad overview of the business and leadership skills you will need to excel in your chosen field. And if you haven’t chosen your field yet? Even better. Since an MBA focuses on a more general business education, it’s not required that your future be perfectly planned in advance and provides more opportunities for changing careers if need be.

Yet, many students enter their advanced education with a clear picture of what the future holds. For such graduates, joint degree programs offer the chance to pair a broad MBA education with a specialized degree more tailored to their chosen field.

While many school’s in metros across the country offer dual MBA degrees, not every program may be exactly what you’re looking for. In MetroMBA’s newest series, we will be exploring the joint degree programs available at business schools throughout the country.

If you are interested in pursuing an MBA at the Booth School of Business – The University of Chicago, but are looking for a more specialized business education, below you can explore the school’s joint degree offerings.

Joint Professional Degree

Students who choose to pursue a dual MBA degrees have the opportunity to enroll simultaneously in Chicago Booth and one of several other University of Chicago graduate schools. Within the same period, students could earn both an MBA and a professional degree in law (JD from the University of Chicago Law School), public policy (MPP from the Harris School of Public Policy), medicine (MD from the Pritzker School of Medicine), social services administration (MA from the School of Social Service Administration) or Computer Science (MPCS from the Department of Computer Science).

Students currently enrolled at the University of Chicago, who choose to enroll in a joint degree program, have the opportunity to include up to three among their courses before officially enrolling at the school.

MBA/MA in International Relations

The joint MBA and MA in International Relations allows students to focus their degree within the study of “the role of ideas, interests and power in shaping international relations.”

Students in the program must complete coursework in both business and interdisciplinary courses in international relations, with the requirement of completing an integrated master’s thesis customized to each student’s interests and goals.

Courses required by the business school are: Leadership Effectiveness and Development; Business Foundations; Functions, Management, and Business Environment; Business Electives. Students must also take two international relations courses, each in three of these four subfields: International Relations Theory and International History; International Political Economy and Development; Regional Studies and Nationalism; International Law, Human Rights and Environmental Studies. Students must also choose one additional internal relations course and two electives.

MBA and Master’s Degree in Area Studies

Chicago Booth offers students the chance to earn an international dual MBA degrees in area studies. This will allow students to focus and expand their knowledge of a specific geographic area, including: Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, Eastern Europe/Russia or South Asia.

The joint MBA/AM Program is a perfect choice for students whose future career will require a focused knowledge of international issues coupled with a full set of international business skills. Program requirements include fluency in a regional language along with a master’s thesis, which can typically take two and a half to three years for completion.

Certificate in Health Administration and Policy

Students looking to focus their business education in the healthcare field may opt for Chicago Booth’s joint MBA and Certificate in Health Administration Studies. Students in the program will not only earn the general business and leadership skills that come with an MBA, but will also receive top-notch training in “the vision and judgment needed to face the financial demands, as well as various economic, ethical and social issues of the health care field.”

Students who aim to enter this program must first be accepted to Chicago Booth and then apply to the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy.

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