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Goizueta Business School – Emory University - Full-Time MBA

The Emory University Full-Time MBA Program Structure

The Emory University full-time MBA program at the Goizueta Business School can be undertaken in either one or two years. The One-Year full-time MBA is designed for working professionals and begins in May with an intensive summer curriculum. The Two-Year full-time MBA program begins with intense study of core courses, then adds in electives and hands-on learning to, guide students in reaching their fullest potential. Students can choose from more than 20 different concentration areas to focus their study on.


The Emory University full-time MBA program requires about nine core courses in the first semester of the two-year MBA or the “Summer Experience” portion of the one-year MBA. These courses cover fundamentals in finance, marketing, professional communications, economics, management practice and related fields. These classes are followed in subsequent semesters by elective courses. Elective courses are chosen to fit student’s particular interests and allow them to concentrate in one of about 20 (for one-year track) or 25 (for two-year) specific paths (all fit within the primary five academic areas–accounting, finance, information systems & operations management, marketing and organization & management–that the school specializes in).

Students can pursue internships or special projects during the spring semester in sites across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Two-year full-time MBA students can take part in study abroad programs, while one-year MBA students can go shorter educational trips.

Full-Time MBA Rankings

• U.S. News & World Report: 22
• Bloomberg: 23
• Forbes: 22
• Financial Times: 50
• The Economist: 32

Class Profile

The Class of 2021 in the two-year full-time MBA program at Emory is made up of approximately 70 percent male and 30 percent female students, with 19 percent part of a minority group, and 19 percent self-reporting as international. These students have an average of 5.3 years of professional work experience. The average GMAT earned by these students is 690.

The Class of 2021 in the one-year MBA program is approximately 61 percent male and 39 percent female, with 18 percent self-reporting as minorities and 3 percent self-reporting as international students. These students have an average of 4.9 years of professional work experience. The average GMAT earned by these students is 650.

Career Statistics

Goizueta alumni are among the top for post-graduate employment nationwide, with nearly 92 percent of students receiving job offers within three months after graduating and an average full-time base salary of $158,153. Students in the two-year MBA graduating class of 2020 largely chose consulting as their post-graduate industry, with 34 percent of students entering that field. Following consulting was both financial services and technology at 18 and 16 percent respectively, and consumer products at 5 percent. Four percent of students chose manufacturing, and 3 percent chose real estate.

Geographically, following the trend of business schools placing large numbers of graduates in the regions in which they are located, 58 percent of students took jobs in the Southeast following graduation. Fifteen percent of students went to the Northeast, and 12 percent in the West.

Tuition, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

Emory University two year full-time MBA students can expect to pay a base tuition rate of $134,200. With fees, the total cost comes to $138,797. These costs don’t include things like living expenses, textbooks and other fees. The Emory one-year MBA tuition is $100,650. With fees, the total comes to $103,971.

Financial assistance is available in the form of Federal Stafford Loans, Graduate Plus Loans, Private Loans, International Student Loans, research and assistantships, merit-based scholarships, fellowships from the Goizueta Business Fund for Excellence and fellowships at various constituent centers.


To apply to the Emory University full-time MBA program, applicants must submit a completed application form, one official transcript from all degree-granting and non-degree-granting institutions attended, a current résumé and two letters of recommendation. The school also requires applicants to complete two short essays about their leadership experiences and goals, as well as a video essay. Applicants must also send in their GMAT or GRE scores and pay a nonrefundable $175 application fee. Non-native English speakers are required to send in TOEFL scores, although this requirement may be waived by applicants who earned their bachelor’s degree from a school where they were taught in English, and who have also worked in countries where most business is done in English. Admissions interviews are also required and can be scheduled if the student has applied before the first application deadline; otherwise, interviews are done on an invitation-only basis.

Fall 2022 Entry Term Emory Full-Time MBA Deadlines

Round 1: October 6, 2021

Round 2: January 10, 2022

Round 3: March 16, 2022


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