Cranfield School of Management

Cranfield University One-Year MBA Program Structure

The Cranfield University One-Year MBA is a full-time, intensive program. It is divided into four terms of approximately 10 weeks each, and one week of orientation in early October.


After arriving in September, students begin with a week of orientation that offers many social and professional activities that enhance the students’ experience from their first days at Cranfield.

The primary curriculum is broken down into core modules and electives, with the core modules front loaded in the first two terms and typically assessed by examination at the end of each term. The electives, with course titles like “Managing Project Uncertainty” and “Entrepreneurial Finance,” are most often assessed by group and individual projects, often featuring written components.

Running concurrently with the classroom learning, various projects and program-wide competitions, such as the Venture Capital Investment Competition and the International Business Assignment, assure that students have practical experience in applying the concepts and theories that their coursework has taught them. The International Business Assignment requires students to either attend lectures at partner institutions or carry out an individual project at local businesses. This program has brought Cranfield MBA students to over 15 countries, including Cambodia, Chile, Cuba, China, the Philippines, Uganda and many more.

Third, Cranfield School of Management incorporates a Leadership Agenda into its academic curriculum, which focuses on intercultural sensitivity, effective collaboration, organizational politics and successful negotiation.

Class Profile 

The most recent average age for the 67 member cohort in the Cranfield University One-Year MBA program was 31-years old. The majority of students in the program had between 6-10 years of professional working experience, with 79% of the class made up by male students, and average GMAT score of 680. Members of the class represented 25 nationalities worldwide.


Cranfield’s career development team provides support for students to find lifelong careers, and 90% of Cranfield MBA students report being employed three months after graduation. Furthermore, as many students come to Cranfield during their career, the School boasts an average salary increase of £31,576 after completing the full-time MBA. Also of note, 34% of Cranfield School of Management graduates change their country of residence after graduation.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition of the Cranfield University One-Year MBA is £36,000 plus estimated living expenses of around £12,000.

Cranfield offers a wide selection of loans and other financing options.


Cranfield School of Management offers two types of funding: scholarships and bursaries. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit, and can amount to 50% of tuition for up to 20 students. Bursaries, on the other hand, also factor in need, and can provide up to £8,000 to qualified recipients. In addition to these funding options, various scholarships based on gender, nationality, and sector are available by application.

Admissions Procedures

Cranfield School of Management requires at least three years of post-qualification work experience and a degree and/or professional qualification for entry. A professional level of English is also required, which can be proven with recent IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, CAE, or, PTE scores.

Applicants can find the application to Cranfield School of Management online, where they must submit, in addition to all required personal information, the following:

  • 1 Academic Reference
  • 1 Business Reference
  • 1 Passport-Sized Digital Photo
  • 2 Copies of Degree and Professional Certificates
  • GMAT Score (if taken)
  • English Language Scores (if relevant)

Beyond these documents, applicants can also take the Cranfield admissions tests, which are offered as an alternative to the GMAT, and complete an interview (in-person or virtual).

Application Deadlines

The final deadline for 2016 applicants is 26 June.