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MBA Generation Demands Startup Expertise | Financial Times

Upon the reveal of the Financial Times 2017 ranking of the top MBAs for entrepreneurship, the publication’s new data pointed to a trajectory among recent applicants. More “want to start businesses sooner after graduation than older peers did,” notes Shailendra Vyakarnam, the Director of the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurship at the Cranfield School of Management.

“They want to have fun with a business and then move on to something new rather than necessarily pushing on with relentless growth and upscaling, Mr Vyakarnam says. But this urge is driven by fear of job insecurity and unemployment, particularly in some southern European countries.”

Unsurprisingly, the Stanford Graduate School of Business earned first place on the new “Top MBAs for entrepreneurship 2017” list, followed by MIT Sloan, Babson’s Olin Graduate School of Business and the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge.

Check out the new FT entrepreneurship ranking here …

Business Schools Confronting a De-Globalized World | AACSB

Santiago Iñiguez, President of IE University in Spain, recently published a new piece on dealing with the potential of de-globalization on the official AACSB blog. Namely, as a chair member of the board for AACSB, Iñiguez talks about how assumptions cannot be made in an especially volatile and unpredictable political environment.

“Recent upheavals such as Brexit, policies announced by the current American presidency, the rise of nationalism and populism and issues brought on by massive immigration have thrown much into question. A common expression used to define today’s context is the ‘post-world.’ We are post-global, post-truth and post-certain.”

He continues.

“One of the consequences of populism is that business schools, along with other higher education institutions, have become a favorite target of critics who claim that we are the cradle of globalization and perpetuate elitism. No doubt that we have all heard such criticism before—it is anything but novel; however, it would be naïve to think that given the current climate, it will dissolve as quickly as it has in the past.”

Read more from the Iñiguez post here …

This Entrepreneur Quit His Cubicle Job to Travel the World at 25 | CNBC

The prospect of just getting up out of your chair, packing your bags and traveling to all those places you’ve been dying to see is a bit unrealistic and a bit more terrifying. Hence, why you didn’t actually manage to get up out of your seat. But for an incredibly lucky few who manage to get the nerve, like MBA grad Matt Kepnes, it makes a world of difference.

Kepnes, who openly regrets earning his degree, was confined to a Boston metro hospital administrative job. One January he grew tired of it all and trip to Thailand with his friend, eventually setting himself out on an entirely new career trajectory. After over a year, Kepnes was teaching English in Asia right at the turn of the global financial recession—drastically dwindling his savings. He returned to the U.S., but Kepnes wanted to keep his career and traveling intertwined. He started his own blog, Nomadic Matt, which eventually supplanted his previous income before it ballooned to $750,000 a year. Since the start of his website, Kepnes has written multiple e-books, online courses and even a New York Times best-seller.

Read more about Kepnes’ journey here …

Are Robots Taking Over the World’s Finance Jobs? | The Guardian

Automation can have massive global effects, but not just for the manufacturing sector. Writing with The Guardian, Nafis Alam and Graham Kendall, note that by 2030 it may kill finance as well.

“According to consulting firm Opimas, in years to come it will become harder and harder for universities to sell their business-related degrees,” the two write. “Research shows that 230,000 jobs in the sector could disappear by 2025, filled by ‘artificial intelligence agent.'” According to Oxford research, upwards of 54 percent of jobs lost from automation will be from finance, which has already begun to take hold on Wall Street.

Read more about the frightening potential future that hounds all of us here …

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