Cambridge Judge MBAs Earn Highest Salaries, Says Recent Report

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Salary benchmarking site Emolument recently published data showing that MBA grads from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School are the most highly paid in the fields of technology and finance.

Cambridge Judge finance grads earn a median of £110,000 ($155K USD); while those in technology earn an average of £95,000 ($130K USD).

Additionally, the report stated that London Business School MBAs earn £10,000 less than their Cambridge counterparts, but they receive the highest bonuses. Emolument’s report also revealed that the field of finance offers the most lucrative jobs, with salaries exceeding those in technology or consulting by an average of £30,000 ($42K USD).

Imperial College Business School was revealed to have the highest number of graduates in the consulting field.

Of the report, Alice Leguay, chief operating officer of Emolument, said,

“Being part of a well-regarded alumni network is as important as outstanding teaching in order to open as many doors as possible upon graduation and allow alumni to switch from banking to technology, or accounting to entrepreneurship… With the advent of continuous education, we will be watching closely to see if MBA degrees remain a good investment.”

For more on the earnings of Cambridge Judge, Imperial, and London Business School grads, visit Emolument.


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