UK Universities Ranked by Employability

UK Universities

For most professionals, an MBA is necessary for two reasons: to improve job market skills and to increase employability. In fact, for most individuals, if you can’t get a job after graduating with your MBA, there’s not a lot of point to the program. That’s why so many schools post their employment information online.

Well, when it comes to employing graduates in the UK there are a few universities that stand out in the crowd. Times Higher Education reviewed more than 63 schools in the UK to see which schools gave their graduates the best chance at success. Half of the top ten were London institutions, and they were chosen based on an employability survey as well as local recruiter votes and directors of international companies.

The University of Cambridge came in first due to the university’s prestigious reputation as well as its expansive alumni network, which includes more than 400 alumni groups around the world. Cambridge graduates go on to work in large organizations and to become leaders in politics and culture.

The University of Oxford achieved the 2nd spot in the ranking mostly for its alumni. Oxford graduates encompass 30 international leaders, 27 British Prime Ministers, 50 Nobel Prize winners and 120 Olympic medalists. In addition, Oxford grads are highly employable due to their reputation. Oxford is incredibly competitive and so potential employers view Oxford grads as highly intelligent and motivated.

Coming in at 5th overall was Imperial College London, which boasts 15 Nobel Prize winners including Sir Alexander Fleming. Other famous alumni include author H.G. Wells, Queen member Brian May and former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Finally, the London Business School was the last school with an MBA program in London to make the top 10, coming in 9th. In 2014, 93 percent of LBS MBAs accepted a job with three months of graduation and more than 50 percent gained employment outside of the UK. Beyond that, the LBS alumni network includes more than 42,000 individuals and 155 countries.

Other Universities closing out the top ten in the employability ranking by Times Higher Education include:

  • London School of Economics #3
  • University of Manchester #4
  • Kings College London #6
  • University of Edinburgh #7
  • University College London #8
  • University of Bristol (tied for #9)


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