Aeuronautics Vice President at Lockheed Martin Joins Neeley Speaker Series

Speaker Series

Orlando Carvalho, the executive vice president of aeronautics at Lockheed Martin, was recently invited to the Texas Christian University – Neeley School of Business as a featured guest at the Tandy Executive Speaker Series.

The series, hosted by Neeley Dean Homer Erekson on Nov. 10, featured Carvalho to speak on the recent presidential election, management and plans for the future.

Since the United States has a strong commitment to national defense, Carvalho said, Lockheed Martin will be a crucial partner to any future administration, no matter what side of the political line they fall on. This includes the complicated construction of Lockheed’s F-35, so far the most expensive weapons system in the U.S.

With such complicated construction and high requirements for the F-35’s supply chain, effective leadership is crucial. And according to Carvalho, the key to good leadership is simple: listening.

“In my experience, if you don’t start listening, you don’t have an appreciation for what the organization is dealing with, what the culture might be and what the issues might be,” Carvalho said. “When you listen you learn, and that helps you learn what you need to do as a leader.”

At Lockheed Martin, three fundamental values also help to inform and shape good leaders: Do what’s right. Respect others. Perform with excellence.

Looking forward to the future, Carvalho discussed up-and-coming technology which would allow jets to exceed the speed of sound without a sonic boom, reducing flight time by hours. Other technology to look forward to from Lockheed Martin includes fighter jet drones and the role of unmanned aircrafts.


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