Drucker School of Management Announces New Dean Jenny Darroch


Claremont Graduate University’s Masatoshi Ito and Peter Drucker School of Management (Drucker School) announced its new dean on December 19, 2016.

Professor Jenny Darroch will assume the role this year, and she will hold the distinction of being the first woman in the school’s history to do so. She has taught at Drucker since 2004, most recently with a specialty in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, along with serving as MBA academic director.

One of many of Darroch’s long list of accomplishments in the latter position is the leadership of a review of the curriculum that resulted in the synthesis of management practice and liberal arts. Peter Drucker, the school’s founder, held this ideal high in his design for the future of the curriculum.

Jenny Darroch’s research explores a multitude of facets of innovation, including the behaviors and practices that lead to it; how to foster creativity in a competitive climate, and perhaps most importantly, the very definition of this omnipresent buzzword.

Considered a pioneer in the field of knowledge management, Darroch has authored definitive articles on theories that have inspired leaders across the realms of academia and business. Her books Marketing Through Turbulent Times and Why Marketing to Women Doesn’t Work have defined the field of knowledge management, and she is a frequent Huffington Post contributor.

CGU Executive Vice President and Provost Jacob Adams said of Darroch, “Jenny takes over leadership of the Drucker School at an important time … Building out its strategic focus on creative industries, the Drucker School has some exciting new opportunities, from the new Downtown Los Angeles expansion to the Game Lab, a new initiative to train students in the creation of video games under the mentorship of executives from Pokémon and other leading companies.”


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