Dubai-Based Cass Business School Offers Unique Opportunities for EMBAs


Established in 2009, the Dubai-based campus of the Cass Business School offers students many unique opportunities thanks to its location in the heart of the Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC). Both full-time Cass MBAs as well as Executive MBAs have the chance to study in Dubai for a week-long international elective or longer. While there, students will visit local companies, study economic development and brand building in the MENA region and network with senior executives.

“Studying in Dubai gives you access to a unique network of contacts which branches across the Middle East, into India, Pakistan, Asia, and emerging Africa,” Julian Callanan, an EMBA at Cass Business School’s campus in Dubai, said in an interview. “Dubai is a hotbed of entrepreneurship. And the Cass Executive MBA gave me the knowledge and confidence to start my own company.”

The key is Dubai’s central location containing a diverse and growing network of startup accelerators and wealthy local investors, which has created the perfect ecosystem for entrepreneurs to flourish. In fact, the UAE ranks in the top 20 on the Global Entrepreneurship Index.

“I would highly recommend studying in Dubai if you are considering becoming an entrepreneur,” said Simon Kennedy, a ‘12 EMBA. “My new business outperformed even my upside forecasts. Since then, I have set up three more ventures with various business partners, and I now have multiple sources of income. The people you meet during the Executive MBA provide access to some highly influential people in the UAE. And, if you have the tools to run a business properly, you will be significantly ahead of the majority of business owners here.”

But the opportunities for MBAs in Dubai aren’t solely focused on entrepreneurship. Firas Al Atiyat, a Cass EMBA alum, became head of Fujitsu Middle East’s project management office. And many of his colleagues gained promotions or switched career tracks into finance, consulting or oil and gas. It all depends on how students choose to use the knowledge they gained from Cass.

The Cass EMBA program is ranked among the world’s top 40 best EMBA programs by the Financial Times.


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