The Global MBA Experience at London Business School

Global MBA Experience

One of the primary social impacts of increasing globalism is the sense that world feels like it’s shrinking. But for business, that means there are opportunities for expansion unlike ever before. As it has become easier than ever to communicate and work together across vast distances, so too has it become more likely for organizations to grow their businesses. And according to a recent YouGov Survey, globalization is still seen as a force for good rather than bad in the world.

“Unsurprisingly, the countries that are the biggest enthusiasts of globalization are the ones that have benefited most from it—the poorer nations of East and South East Asia,” it explains. “Here, belief that globalization is a force for good reaches at least 70 percent in all countries …”

For that reason, it has become more important than ever for MBAs to gain a global perspective of business while in school. Not only do MBAs with global experience better understand the impact of language, culture, traditions, government, legal structures and politics on business, but they’re also more likely to be able to make use of opportunities that international markets present.

The Global MBA Experience

So, what makes an MBA program global? There are a few factors that go into it including:

  • Diversity of students and faculty.
  • International orientation of curriculum and course material.
  • Employment and recruitment opportunities for graduates.
  • Reach of the alumni network.
  • Location of the school.
  • Partner programs.

Global MBA programs tend to offer a level of international exposure for students and faculty that is not often seen within a traditional, local MBA program. This means that group projects and discussions aren’t based on a single viewpoint but rather reference a variety of regions and countries. These programs also typically include opportunities for additional learning in another country through exchange programs or geographically diverse recruiting partners.

And there’s no hiding the fact that a Global MBA experience benefits both students and companies. McKinsey & Co. analysis shows that companies with a more diverse workforce perform better financially than respective national industry medians. Harvard Business Review recently wrote on the topic as well, saying, “by correlating diversity in leadership with market outcomes as reported by respondents, we learned that companies with 2-D diversity out-innovate and out-perform others.”

Global Business Experiences at London Business School

It’s for this reason and many others that the London Business School has made globalization a priority. Gareth Howells, the Executive Director of MBA & MIF Education, explained it this way. “At London Business School, being global is in our DNA and informs everything we do. By further expanding our reach through the expansion of our global menu, we believe we can ensure our graduates create value and impact all over the world. Global talent is an integral part of today’s workplace with everyone seeking to create success in a multicultural environment.”

Not only is the London Business School 2018 MBA class made up of 70 nationalities, but the school is also about to add even more of a global experience to its MBA program thanks to their Global Business Experiences (GBEs). Each GBE is a week long program that consists of faculty briefings, guest speakers, site visits, workshops, panels, company visits and opportunities to engage with local LBS alumni in each region.

The GBE program gives students the opportunity to apply their academic learning in a real-life, global business environment and ensures students have the skills to constantly evolve their global mind-set. The goal of the program is to help MBAs flourish outside of their comfort zones and to gain familiarity and experience working with classmates and within organizations from different cultures and industries around the world.

The best part about the GBE is that no program is the same. Each experience changes with the location and the organization hosting the experience. Starting this August, MBAs at the London Business School will:

  • Experience two new regions for the GBEs including Lima and Tel Aviv.
  • Have additional language opportunities: Italian and Japanese have been added to LBS’ existing provision of French, Mandarin, German, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic and Spanish.
  • Increase their knowledge with the Global Business Practice course supporting students with cultural awareness.

GBE Student Experience

Below are two student testimonials about the Global Business Experience at LBS.

“What appealed to me was the fact that this GBE had a component where I was working with an entrepreneur,” explained Jenny Troung, a 2013 MBA student who visited South Africa. “This meant that what I was doing in those five days was related to what I had been learning in the previous year. We helped the entrepreneur with his accounting to figure out if it is more profitable to sell a chair compared to an ottoman. And that was real business insight that I had to apply from School.”

“My GBE in Johannesburg was life changing,” described Marie Milleron, a 2015 MBA student. “Whether it was helping our township entrepreneur with the little resources she had, or understanding the challenges of a developing economy with a heavy past, it was a unique time of personal growth and reflection.”

To learn more about the GBE program at London Business School, visit the school website.


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